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Coupon Vocabulary

If you're reading through this blog and can't seem to understand all the're not alone! It takes a while to get familiar with all of the jargon we couponers use. I thought I would make an easy cheat-sheet, including pictures (where applicable), for you to use until you have it all memorized. Hope this helps! If you think of anything I should add, let me know! :)

The different inserts (booklets of coupons) in the Sunday paper that are loaded with coupons:

SS = SmartSource (one of the brand of coupon inserts you will find in Sunday's paper)

(notice the date (7/12) written on the left side? This is the date of the Sunday paper from which it came. Always write the date on your packets so that when a website calls for SS 7/12 you know which SmartSource packet that is. Do this for ALL coupon inserts)

RP = RedPlum (one of the brand of coupon inserts you will find in Sunday's paper)

PG or P&G = Proctor & Gamble (one of the brand of coupon inserts you will find in Sunday's paper)

Types of Coupons:

MFC, MC, or MQ = (Manufacturer Coupon) These are coupons that come straight from the manufacturer of a product. The store gets reimbursed for the dollar amount of the coupon by the manufacturer so they are still getting paid for that amount, just not by YOU) MFC's can be combined with a store coupon on the SAME item for even MORE savings!

Store coupon or in-ad coupon = Coupons that are in the store's weekly circular ad or newspaper that are good only at that store. You MUST scan the coupon to get the sale price or you will wind up paying full-price!

Catalina = (Cat) A machine-generated coupon that gets spit out at check-out (at the register) after you purchase qualifying items. Sometimes they are in the form of a coupon to be used on a future purchase of certain items. Sometimes they are good OYNSO (on your next shopping order) to use on anything you like (minus a few exclusions, such as tobacco). These machines are a separate entity from the grocery store, so if you have a problem with a particular catalina printing out, you must call the catalina machine company at 1-888-322-3814 to speak to a customer service rep. The store cannot help you with issues with catalina coupons.

Blinkie = coupons from the little black machines that are attached to the shelves in some grocery stores (Albertson's has these a LOT and ALL over the store)

Tearpad = a pad of coupons hung on a hook that hangs on the shelf next to an item. (Common courtesy is to only take a few, NOT the whole pad! Leave some for your fellow couponners!)

Peelie = coupons stuck to the item itself that you just peel off. (Only take the peelie off if you are purchasing that item on THAT visit! Do NOT take a peelie from an item that you are not buying in THAT shopping's just not right or fair to other shoppers)

OYNSO = (On Your Next Store Order) Catalina coupon that gives you a particular dollar amount off of a future visit. Can be used on anything in the store.

Raincheck = Some stores will offer rainchecks on an item that is out of stock at the time you wish to purchase. This is particularly helpful if there is a hot sale item that you can't seem to find in stock during the promotion period. If you get a raincheck, when the item comes in, you can then purchase that item at the sale price listed when you got it!

Doubler = "Twice the Value" coupon from Albertson's Wednesday ad or Sunday paper (varies) Click HERE to learn more about using these great coupons!

RR = Register Reward, a catalina coupon that prints after purchase of qualifying items, good on a future purchase at Walgreens.

IP = (Internet Printable) Coupons from the internet that you print at home. Most stores accept these as long as they scan. They will not type them in manually.

**A few of the places most commonly used for IP's are:

Company websites also offer great coupons and you can find links to these posted all over a number of coupon blog sites. For more on IPs, click HERE for my Internet Printables 101.

MIR = Mail-in Rebate. Sometimes in the form of a coupon, sometimes a printout from the store (on the receipt or on a paper), sometimes a printout from the internet. You fill it out, send it in, and receive a rebate check in the mail in a few weeks.

IO = (Instant Off) Some promotions give you an instant savings at the register (no coupon required). As soon as the required number of or $ amount of items have been scanned, the register will automatically adjust to give you your "instant off" savings.

Other coupon jargon:

Albies = A nickname for my very favorite store...Albertson's. :)
Wags = Walgreens
Fred's or Freddies = Fred Meyer
Q = Coupon
BOGO, B1G1, or B1GF = Buy One Get One Free
WYB = When You Buy
MM = Money-Maker
OOP = Out-of-Pocket (the amount you actually PAY for items purchased, after coupons and savings.)
Stack = When you use more than one coupon on the same item. You can do this with a MC and a store coupon. The MC is paid by the manufacturer and the store coupon is a discount given directly by the store. Talk about great savings!
$/# = Tells you what the coupon value is. For example, "$1/2" means that you are getting $1.00 off of two products ($.50 off of each) and you MUST buy TWO to be able to use that coupon. You will see this A LOT!
EXP = Expiration date
AC = After Coupon
BTFE = Box Tops for Education
CRT = Cash Register Tape
DND = Do Not Double (If a coupon has this printed on it, a store, such as Albies, will not doubler that coupon value)
FAR = Free After Rebate
OOS = Out of Stock
POP = Proof of Purchase
Filler = an extra item you must purchase to fill the item:coupon ratio at some stores, such as Wags. Find something super inexpensive, such as a pencil, pack of gum, or piece of candy.
SMP = Specially Marked Packages
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (refers to the fact that some people have better or worse experience in getting certain deals than others)


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