Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another promo shopping trip...

I made it back to Albies to finish my shopping and it went MUCH smoother this time around and it was a really quick, short trip, so that is always a plus. Alright, so I am going to do another breakdown of my shopping trip, so you can get more ideas of how a promo shopping trip goes. I really only got a bunch of a few different items, so it was super-easy, oh wait...if you read my previous blog, you'll know that you should never assume it will be EASY! Something can always go wrong! Lol. Any ya is my picture and list, then I will break down the transactions following. I only shopped the ConAgra promo, which was spend $25, receive a $10 OYNSO (catalina coupon to use on your next store order)

Transaction #1
24 - Chef Boyardee bowls = $24.00
(don't worry, there were tons left on the shelves still!)
1 - Hunt's Diced Tomatoes = $1.00
Total $25.00

I then used 8-$.35/3 Chef Boyardee, which would bring my OOP to $22.09, plus I received a $10 OYNSO, but this did not include one of my Chef Boyardee bowls (see notes below) so my OOP was actually $21.20.

10 - Kids Cuisine = $18
2 - Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees = $4
1 - Healthy Choice Complete Meal = $2
1 - Hunt's Tomatoes = $1
Total $25.00

I then used 3-$50/2 Kid Cuisine (that I got out of a blinkie a few weeks ago), 1-$1/2 Kid Cuisine (that was a peelie from a previous Kid Cuisine box that Grandpa bought Weston and gave to me), 1-$1/1 Healthy Choice Complete Meal, and 1-$1/2 Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees. This would bring my total down to 22.28. My total was actually $23.28 because he added the Chef Boyardee bowl ($1) that I didn't pay for last time onto this transaction (see notes below)

**Notes: Again, if you read my previous blog, you will know that things didn't go very smoothly for my first two transactions. The transactions I listed are what I MEANT to do, to give you an idea, but now I will tell you what I ACTUALLY did, on accident (so you can maybe learn from MY mistake). For the first transaction, I put 23 of the CB bowls on the belt, but one was hiding under Kennedy's blanket, so it didn't get rung up. Therefore, after I paid, since my total only came to $24, my $10 cat didn't print. :( I couldn't figure out why at first, since I knew I had added to $25 when I planned my list, not realizing that that one was hiding. When I found it, he was very nice and did a "fake" transaction of a bunch of Chef Boyardee's so the coupon would come out, then he "refunded" me the money for all of those (but I never actually had to pay for it) So that got fixed. HOWEVER, he was already part way through ringing up my next transaction when I realized that no coupon had come out from the first one. So he couldn't do the fake transaction until after that one, therefore, I didn't get to use the $10 cat from my first transaction on my second transaction like I had planned. That's why my second transaction's total is so should have had a $10 cat applied to it if I hadn't messed up. No matter though, now I just have $20 OYNSO to use next time instead of only $10. Either way, I still get the money savings, I just didn't get it applied to this trip like I should have. Oh well...that's what happens when you go shopping with your kids who were up before 6am! Lol.

16 - Hunt's Manwich = $16.00
4 - Crunch 'n Munch = $4.00
2 - Marie Callenders Pasta Al Dente = $5.00
Total: $25.00

I then used 8-$.40/2 Manwich, 2-$1/2 Crunch 'n Munch, and used one of my $10 cats, bringing my OOP down to $8.05.
10 - Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees =$20.00
2 - Healthy Choice Complete Meals = $4.00
1 - Hunt's Diced Tomatoes = $1.00
Total: $25.00
I then used 5-$1/2 HC All Natural Entrees, 1-$1/2 HC Complete Meals, and used one of my $10 cats, bringing my OOP down to $9.00

So..the total amount that my groceries should have cost is $170.88. I got them for $61.53, but also still have TWO $10 OYNSO left.

That's a savings of $109.35, which is 63%. If I hadn't messed up on the first transaction, I could have used one of my $10 cats on my second transaction, which would have made my total savings $119.35 and my total spend $51.53, which would be a savings of 73% and I still would have had a $10 cat left for a future purchase. However, of course I did mess up, so my savings doesn't seem as big, but I still have $20 in cats left to use on my next purchase, so that will be a few free items! Gotta love Albies! How did everyone's shopping trips go last week? Anyone score some great savings? I'd love to hear about them in a comment!


  1. Hey I was just wondering about the crunch n munch coupon, on the coupon it says 12 oz or larger and the albertsons ad says on 4 oz box, so how does that work?

  2. Ok...soo...I never even noticed on the coupon that it was for 12oz or larger...:( I did, in fact, buy the 4oz boxes, but they still took my coupon. They probably didn't notice either. :( Oops. Not much can be done now, but you're right. That coupon cannot be used on those items, as they are the wrong size. Good catch!


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