Friday, June 19, 2009

Freebies Email

When it comes to freebies....who doesn't like to get free stuff?! However, nobody likes to get all of the spam that comes in their email inbox after signing up for all that free stuff, right? That is why I recommend creating a second separate email account, which is the address you give when you are signing up for freebies, samples, contests, giveaways, or online coupons. You can create another email account free at any number of places, such as hotmail, gmail, or yahoo. This isn't just an email that you set up and forget about, though! You still want to check it regularly, or at least periodically, because many of these companies you register with will send coupons, offers, and links to freebies to your email, and if you don't ever check it, you will miss out on a ton of valuable offers!

Sarah, over at has some GREAT tips on signing up for offers online:

Here are a few tips when signing up for freebies, Samples, Entering contests or Downloads.
  • Don’t give out too much personal info- You will need to give them your name, address, and email. Many companies want a lot more info too, they want to know birth dates, how many kids you have, and much more. They want this info to find out more about the people that are using their product. So if they ask how many kids I have I tell them, BUT if they ask their names, will use a different name. I don’t think anyone needs to know what my kids names are, just for a free bar of soap. When they ask for my birthday I always give them the the correct month and year but I change the “real” day. This helps protect my personal info. NEVER give out your credit card or SS# for a giveaway, unless you have done a lot of homework and know its legitimate. If they ask for your phone number, unless you actually want telemarketers calling, don’t give the correct number.
  • Free Trials - Many offers will get you hooked by giving you a free month supply, or free product. Then what they may or may not say is that you are also signing up for a subscription to their product on a continuing basis. If you are not watching carefully, in a short while you get a whole new box of that product and you may not even notice the charge on your credit card bill. Now we don’t want to talk you out of the free products, but you need to make sure you ask questions, or be prepared to cancel the subscriptions. Watch your credit cards that you use. It’s sujested to use one card that you monitor closely, that way you know what you are, and are not getting into.
Thanks, Sarah, for the tips!


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