Monday, June 29, 2009

"Vegas" weeks...

A friend of mine was feeling a little discouraged, this being her first week trying the system, because there wasn't much on the Albies list that really appealed to her. She was wondering if maybe it was going to be worth it after all. Well, as I explained to her...not every weeks' sale is going to appeal to everyone and some weeks the deals, in general, just aren't as good as others. This upcoming week, for example, looks VERY similar to last week. They are still doing the "Epic Mix & Match" sale, for which most of the items appear to be the same. There are a few new sale items on the list that aren't part of the promo, but all-in-all it's just not going to be a very big shopping week (for me any way). Some weeks are like that. You look at the list and there's just really only a few things you want/need and, yes, it's very disappointing, but it's just the way it is.

However, there are also what we call "Vegas" weeks! These are weeks where the list comes out and you can hardly BELIEVE how many things there are on there that you want! The deals are just so great or the promo is fantastic and you can hardly wait to get to the store to get shopping and by the time you're done you looked like you robbed the joint! This will also happen more frequently as you build up your coupon stash. The first couple of weeks I was doing this I wanted SOOO many of the things on the lists and I probably could have gone hog-wild, but just didn't have all of the coupons called for, as some were from months ago. That was a bummer. But as my coupon stash grew bigger, I was able to get more and more of the items on the lists and my shopping trips really started getting bigger and bigger and also more exciting! :)

So, don't get discouraged. Hang in there, and, believe me, after you have your first Vegas week, you will understand what I'm talking about! :)


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