Sunday, June 21, 2009


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"Awesome thanks for posting this!! Now is there a limit for the toothpastes? I guess I'm a little confused on the fine print.
Also, I think this is walgreens... but where do you find their deals? I never see it on grocery smarts, do you just always check the ad?"

Alright, so to answer these questions, as far as limits go, it's like this. The Wags ad will sometimes say right on it that there is a limit. You can buy more than the limit, but you will have to do it in separate shopping trips. As for the items with no limit listed in the ad, that is what corporate has decided, but the managers at individual stores have the descretion to put a limit on any item they so choose. I've had this happen to me a couple of times...I went in with five coupons to purchase five of a particular item, and upon checking out the checker/manager said that there was a limit of 2. This wasn't advertised in the ad, but they had chosen to make this the rule and there's nothing we can do about it. He said they usually choose to do that when it's a hot item that they can't keep on the shelf.

As for the deals at Walgreen's, their new ad comes out every Sunday in the paper, but usually by Friday or Saturday you can find ad previews and match-ups on various coupon blog sites. I usually find mine at both or but you can find them at many different ones. I usually look at more than one because SOMETIMES one will list something the other won't. I also usually look at the ad preview (they will have a link to it on those posts) myself just to double check and look over it to make sure there's nothing I missed. If you need any other help, let me know! :)


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