Sunday, July 12, 2009

Albies 7/10

Using up some more doublers!

I did this in 6 transactions: My OOP was $21.75 for $67.22 worth of items, which is a savings of 68% (not as high as usual, but this included mostly non-sale items, including the Little Huggies Swimmers)

For the following items, I just broke them down into sets of two per transaction and paired a doubler with EACH coupon I used:

4 - Nature Valley Nut Clusters ($.49/ea, I used 2-$1/1 printables)
1 - Playtex "Living" gloves ($.69, after $1/1 (coupons that were given to me, not sure where they came from)
1 - Playtex disposable gloves ($.19 after $1/1 coupon, same as above)
4 - Rhodes Warm-n-Serve rolls ($.69/ea after $1/1 tearpad coupon)
1 - Huggies Little Swimmers ($6.89 after $1/1 coupon from mailer. Anyone know what these run at Walmart? I haven't price compared them yet)
1 - Johnson's baby bath product ($2.19 after $1/1 coupon that was given to me)
2 - Sunny D Smoothies ($.40/ea after $.55/1 printable)

These items I just used a single coupon on that could not be doubled:
2 - Pillsbury Simply Cookies ($1.25/ea after $1.25/1 printable)
4 - Hot Pockets ($.89/ea after in-store ad coupon and $.50/1 (SS 5/17)

So, the Pillsbury cookies and Hotpockets were the only things that were actually on sale. The other things I bought because even though with a coupon they might not have been a 4 or 5 star item, by pairing with doublers, it made for some great deals! I used most of them because they were coupons that were expiring. I am going to go make a trip tomorrow, as well, to use up some doublers with some coupons that are getting ready to expire, like the MILK coupons! Sometimes it's ok to let coupons expire without using them, if you can't get a good enough deal to justify it...but if you can still get a pretty good deal, especially by pairing them with a doubler, then do it!


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