Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doublers YET AGAIN! (7/8-7/14)

Alright, so if you haven't checked out this weeks Albies ad, you can do so HERE. If you haven't yet looked at the shopping list, you can do so HERE. There weren't really any deals I was jumping out of my chair for this week, considering the Epic Promo continues yet again this week, and I've pretty much already exhausted most of my coupons. There are a few things I might head for on Sunday should there be three more doublers as is rumored. If not, then I think I'll just pass this week. Any way, so yes, if you haven't gotten your paper yet today or you are not subscribed, you should know that there are TWO doubler ("twice the value") coupons in the Albies ad! There are a few things I probably wouldn't get if it weren't for doubler coupons, but once you doubler, it makes for some really great deals...

**Just realized these have the dreaded "Do Not Double" on them...darn...Sorry!**
Pillsbury Simply Cookies 14oz - $2.50
Use $1/1 HERE - $1.50
Use a doubler and they're only $.50/ea!

Sun Chips (these are my FAVE!) - $2.79
Use $1/2 HERE - $2.29/ea
Use a doubler and they're only $1.79/ea!

Hot or Lean Pockets - $1.39 (Limit 6 and requires IN-AD COUPON)
Use $.50/1 (SS 5/17) - $.89
Use doubler and they're only $.39/ea!

Starbucks Doubleshot coffee (anyone know if these are good? I've never had them...) - $2.00
Use $1/1 (SS 6/21)
Use doubler and they're FREE!

I'll also probably get the Sobe Life Waters that are on sale for $1, but use the B1GF HERE.

These are probably the only things I'm going to get this week...unless there happen to be more doublers on Sunday, then I might make a trip for one set of 10 from the Epic promo...but man...I'm sure ready for a new sale and a Vegas week! :)


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