Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great to know!

This was a guess post on athrifymom by Lori at Moms by Heart . It's awesome info and great to know! I just had to pass it on!

"From year to year, there are several fairly reliable seasonal sales centered around special events. During these times, stores will mark certain items down to rock bottom prices in order to get you in the doors. These items are known as loss leaders. Here is a schedule of monthly loss leaders, along with monthly clearance items. For those of you who are seasoned frugal shoppers, please leave a comment if there is something I missed."

January Loss Leaders:
1) New Year’s Resolutions – low fat brands, healthy food and diet products
2) Super Bowl Party – snack food, soda, sandwich items
3) Storage items and organization products
4) Medicine – cold and pain relief, vitamins
5) White sales
6) Chili, soups, stews
Clearance items:· Dated items: calendars and planners· Christmas and New Year’s party items· Winter clothing, jackets, hats, boots· Christmas baking products (sprinkles, cookie/candy molds, etc)

February Loss Leaders:
1) National Canned Food Month – special deals on canned goods
2) National Hot Breakfast Month
3) Valentines Day – candy
4) Chinese New Year – Chinese food products
Clearance items:· Leftover Christmas toys are discounted up to 75%·
Winter clothing·
2/15 on: Valentines baking products (sprinkles, special packaging, etc)

March Loss Leaders:
1) Frozen food month
2) Spring cleaning items
3) Easter food items
4) Gardening supplies
5) National Peanut Month
6) March Madness – sports drinks, soda
Clearance Items· Frozen novelties are repackaged, old packaged products are reduced

April Loss Leaders:
1) Earth Day – organic and environmentally friendly items, energy savers
2) Easter items
3) Auto Maintenance
Clearance Items:· Easter baking products (sprinkles, cookie/candy molds, etc)

May Loss Leaders:
1) Memorial Day – think barbeque and picnic products
2) Cinco De Mayo – Mexican food
3) Mother’s Day items
4) Auto Maintenance

June Loss Leaders:
1) National Dairy Month
2) July 4th promos begin – outdoor barbeque/picnic items
3) Camping supplies, sunscreen, insect repellant

July Loss Leaders:
1) July 4th promos continue – best prices on BBQ, picnic items
2) School supplies
Clearance Items:· 4th of July baking products (sprinkles, cookie/candy molds, etc)· Summer clothing· Toys· Patio furniture & outdoor decor items

August Loss Leaders:
1) Back to School deals – lunch foods, school supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes, cereal, peanut butter and jelly
Clearance Items:· BBQ equipment, charcoal,· Sunscreen· Insect repellant

September Loss Leaders:
1) Back to School deals continue
2) Tomato products – look for Ragu and Prego coupons and deals
3) Baby items
4) After Labor Day, deals on BBQ and picnic supplies
5) SoupClearance Items:· Bikes· Gardening supplies

October Loss Leaders:
1) Halloween products
2) Baking season begins
3) Apples, pumpkins and related products
Clearance Items:· Toy clearances make room for Christmas items

November Loss Leaders:
1) Thanksgiving dinner foods
2) Baking goods
3) Coffee, tea, cocoa

December Loss Leaders:
1) Holiday party food
2) Baking supplies
Clearance Items:· Fall d├ęcor items 75%+ off· Fall baking products (sprinkles, cookie/candy molds, etc)


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