Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pictureka Card Game for $.24!

***UPDATE*** it appears these coupons are no longer available...but if you happened to have printed them off already go get your $.24 game!

I'm sure you've read everywhere about the Piktureka card game that you can use your $5/1 any Pictureka game printable (found HERE) and get super cheap....well, I'd been trying to do that for a while. I tried Target...sold out. Tried Walmart...sold out...or so I thought!! I was looking in the very back by all the other card games and stuff they have in the boardgames section, but couldn't ever find. Well, they had it on a little hanging display in front of the if you haven't used it yet, go use it! Cheap $.24 game, and if you print it twice and get two....a nice little gift for someone...:)


  1. Totally not finding it on this link... hmm maybe they are done?


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