Sunday, July 12, 2009


Martha said...

I wonder if I am doing something wrong because it only let me print each coupon once.

Usually you just have to use your browser's back button to print the coupon a second time. Sometimes you only have to hit it once, but sometimes it will send you to a "Web page cannot be found" page or something this instance, you must press your back button TWO MORE TIMES (a total of three clicks) and it should take you back to print again. If not, then you can also try restarting from the beginning and going to the same link again and starting over. If you use Firefox, sometimes it will ask you for permission to "resend" the it. If none of that works, am not sure what else to try! I was able to print each coupon twice, though, so I know this isn't one of those links with coupons you can only print once...Hope that helps!


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