Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Under Construction...

I am working to update my blog design a little bit, but the process is slow-moving, as I only get a few minutes a day to devote to it, so please be patient. You will notice the new "navigation bar" at the top under my blog title...this will make it easier to navigate to the various pages of my blog, especially for newcomers. Some of the links, however, currently go to an "under construction" page, so I'll be continuously working to get these pages completed. Just bear with me! I hope to get it all finished by the end of the week...:)

Also, if you ever click a link and it doesn't work, or takes you to a wrong page, please let me know so I can get it fixed. I am good at making mistakes like that. Thanks!


  1. oh i can't wait, i didn't even see those links at the top of your page until i read this.. way cool..

  2. Yeah, I just started rearranging last night...hopefully going to finish by the end of the week...we'll see! lol

  3. I love them new links! Do you do that or did you have the gal help you with the this new feature?

  4. Thanks! No...no help whatsoever...that's kind of why it's taking so long. I know a little bit about html, but not a whole lot, so I'm having to do a lot of reading on the internet to try to get it just the way I want it. I'm sure it will continue to change over the course of the weeks, but it's slowly getting there....:)


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