Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walgreen's 7/26 - FREE STUFF!

Talk about some cool free stuff! My husband and I seem to always be needing these mailer envelopes, so to get them FREE is AWESOME!

18 - Scotch Bubble Mailers (FREE)

1 - Starbucks Frappuccino ($.25 - not pictured, as I already drank it. :)

12 - Mars Candy Bars (FREE)

1 - Goody Ouchless headband (FREE + $1.00 MM - after mail-in rebate)

Total for all of these items was $17.14. I will have made $.75 after I receive the mail-in rebate check back in the mail! That crazy or what!? :)

I did this in three transactions (as there is a limit of 6 on both the mailers and the candy bars). I used 9-$1/2 Scotch Packaging products (RP 5/31) (there is also $.50/1 in the RP 7/26), 1-$1/1 Starbucks Frappucino (SS 6/21), 6-$1/2 Mars Candy bars (SS 7/26) and $1/1 Goody printable HERE. I also used the IN-AD coupon for the Mars candy and Starbucks Frappucino...don't forget the AD coupon! If you do not scan it, you will get charged full price!

Also, a note on the bubble mailers...since the mailers are priced less than what the coupon is valued at, there are a couple of ways to get around this at the register so that they will allow you to use the coupons. You can do as I did and tell your cashier before she rings you up of the overage, and she can adjust the price of the mailers to be $.50/ea so that the coupon will work (the coupon will beep if there is an overage and they will not let you use the coupon).

Or, you can do as I've read at other blogs, and get 4 bubble mailers, but only use 3 of your coupons (the $.50/1 - RP 7/26), so it should ring up as charging you $.06 for all 4 as the fourth mailer soaks up the overage. I cannot verify that this method will work, as I didn't try it, but that's just a tip I've read from other blogs. If you try it and it works, let us know!


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