Friday, July 10, 2009

Who wants more doublers??

First of all, I wanted to point something out, in case anyone was unaware. Does your subdivision get those free newspapers delivered that you find in your driveway and that usually get left there for days before you finally go out there and pick it up (after it's all sun-bleached and soggy from the sprinklers) only to throw it away? DON'T!!! There is an Albies ad in there! Which means that if there's ever a week with doublers in the Wednesday ad (like this week) there are FREE doublers in there! You don't even have to buy a paper (unless, of course, you are already subscribed and already get one) Even if you have a subscription, there's EXTRA for you in there! SO...what did I do? I went walking/driving through the subdivision and asked people who still had theirs in the driveway if I could have theirs! I figured if it was still there by Friday afternoon, they must not want it or must not care about it. Which, of course, was true, as not a single person said no! I also took the ones from driveways of houses in which no one lived.

Awesome for me...but also awesome for YOU! I've decided to have a little contest and share all the doubler love...two winners will each get 12 doublers! Pretty simple to enter and only one condition upon MUST send me your photo and totals (how much you spent, what your savings was, what items you got) for me to post on my blog. I want to see what you DO with the doublers you win! Please only enter if you truly plan on using them!

Alright, so here's how to be eligible to enter, you must be a follower of my blog (if you aren't yet, go ahead and become one long as you are a follower by the time the contest ends, you will eligible. (To do this just scroll to the top of the page and along the top navigation bar you will see a link to click that says "Follow Blog.")

Once you are a follower...there are two ways to enter (you CAN enter both ways)

*you must either make a post on your blog telling others about my blog and this contest and post the link in a comment.

*you must get someone else to become a follower of my blog (friend, family, whoever) and tell them to post a comment telling me who got them to become a follower.

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries (remember you can enter twice by completing both entry requirements) so, yes, the same person could win both sets if they entered twice!

I don't know what kind of response this will get, but I always see the other blogs doing contests like this and thought it might be fun. :) You will have to come pick them up (I live off of Middleton and Smith) or I could see about leaving them at the customer service desk at Albies with your name on them...I'm not sure, but we'll figure it out. :)

You only have until 4pm tomorrow to enter, as I want you guys to get these doublers ASAP (these don't expire until Wednesday by the way)

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  1. I just read this post. I am probably too late but I follow your blog. I have also blogged about your website and had my friend Diana (Austins lovelys) join.


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