Monday, August 10, 2009

Albies preview 8/12-8/18

Alrighty, so HERE is the ad preview for the new sale starting on Wednesday. (This is Utah's list, so Idaho's may vary. I will post Idaho's list as it becomes available)

HERE is the preview ad for the sale.

Remember: The Kraft promo starts $25 worth of participating products and get a $5 OYNSO at the register and a catalina rebate form will print out to receive a $20 rebate! So, essentially, you are getting $25 worth of groceries for FREE! There has been much discussion on PYP's website about how this promo is going to work. Generally for rebates, you can use coupons on an item and still receive the full rebate amount back (even if that makes it a money-maker), but there has been speculation (due to a phone call someone made to Kraft about items on her receipt) that the $25 must be the amount AFTER coupons or you will NOT receive your rebate. Others have said that the $25 must be the amount after SALE PRICE, but not after coupons.

Only time and other people trying this deal and sharing their experiences will tell for sure how this will work. I will keep you updated as I learn more. I am not sure how I will go about doing mine yet. I might just play it safe and make sure that my total amount is the full $25 AFTER coupons. Although, someone on the PYP website suggested that you cross the items out that are not part of the promo (such as bread, milk, produce, etc) as well as all the coupons. That way only the promo items and the price you pay for them are visible and there is no question. She said that she does all her rebates that way and has never had a problem. Hm...not sure if I'm that brave...but it DOES sound like a great idea. :)

Also remember that there is a limit of ONE rebate per household/address, but that the $5 OYNSO should print for each transaction of $25 you do. Luckily the wonderful people at PYP who make the list took this into account, so the prices shown on the list do not reflect the $20 rebate, only the $5 off, for people wishing to do more than one transaction of $25. Lastly, these items MUST be purchased on a single receipt and must be purchased between 8/7-8/23. So, go check out the list and get planning to make the most of your $25! :) Good luck!


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