Sunday, August 16, 2009

Albies Shopping 8/16

Today I woke up and was happy to find three doublers in each of my 6 papers...woohoo! I was hoping that would be the case, and had put off my weekly Albies shopping just in case. So, I went early this morning while my wonderful hubby stayed home with our sick toddler and our 6 year old. I was pretty much the only one in the store and they were well-stocked in everything I went for (except for the DiGiorno Melts) and that is ALWAYS a plus! Here is what I got...(If you are new to this site or to couponing and have no idea what I'm talking HERE to get started understanding all of this coupon lingo and the terms used in this post and click HERE to learn how YOU can save 60-90% on your grocery bill)
I did this in five transactions so as to take advantage of my doublers. I also did my Kraft promo transaction (spend $25, get a $5 OYNSO & $20 MIR). I got $226.98 worth of groceries for $61.41, but will be sending in my rebate form to get $20 back (in 6-8 weeks)
Transaction #1
15 - Powerade (Buy 10, get 5 free making them $.50/ea)
4 - Post Select cereals (Buy 4, save $4)
2 - Darigold Milk singles
Used 2-$1/2 Post cereal (SS 7/26), $1/2 Darigold (SS 6/14 or IP HERE), and three doublers making my OOP $9.50. BUT, there is a catalina promo going on right now for the Post Select and for buying 4 I got a $3 OYNSO!
Transaction #2 (My Kraft promo transaction)
5 - Capri Sun 10pk
2 - Philidelphia cream cheese
4 - Kraft singles
2 - DiGiorno Flatbread melts
1 - Teddy Grahams
I used 1-$1/2 Philidelphia (RP 8/9), 2-$1/2 Kraft Singles (RP 8/9), 2-$.75/1 DiGiorno (SS 5/17), and three doublers, making my OOP $23.34. I received my $5 OYNSO catalina and a catalina with my rebate form printed on it. Now...if you've been following all of the other blogs, you know of all of the problems this promo has had. Items were mismarked, wrong addresses were given for sending in the rebate, no one knew if you had to reach $25 before or after coupons, etc. I chose to go with the safe route and made my total be over $25 AFTER coupons, except for the Albies doublers, as those have nothing to do with the manufacturer. So my total was $26. 34, but with the Albies doubles it came to $23.34. As for the correct address to send the rebate to, according to athrifymom, the following address is the CORRECT address.
Kraft Foods-SuperValu Back-to-School MIR Offer #511-5
P.O. Box 753854
El Paso, TX 88575-3854
There is also some other great information regarding this promo/rebate to be found on that same athriftymom post.
Transaction #3
4 - Honey Bunches of Oats
2 - Darigold Milk singles
2 - Sargento Cheesesticks (these had a "manager's special" sticker on them for an additional $3 off, as they were nearing their expiration date)
I used 2-$1/2 Honey Bunches (SS 7/26), 1-$1/2 Darigold (SS 6/14 or HERE), plus used 3 doublers, making my OOP $5.98.
Transaction #4
4 - Honey Bunches of Oats
1 - Chinet cut crystal tumblers
7lbs Petite Sirloin Steak
4lbs Green seedless grapes
I used 2-$1/2 Honey bunches (SS 7/26), 1-$1/1 Chinet (SS 6/28), plus 3 doublers and my $5 OYNSO from the Kraft promo transaction and my $3 OYNSO from the Post Selects promo, making my OOP $20.52.
Trans. #5
3 - Rhodes Warm-n-serve rolls (we just finally tried these the other night even though I had bought them a while ago...they are AWESOME! Well, at least the Garlic Butter ones are. Haven't tried the other ones yet. Needless to say I will be getting more of these whenever I have doublers. They are regularly $2.69, but with the $1 off Q (SS 6/14 or SS 7/19) and a doubler it makes them $.69/ea. Worth it to me!)

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  1. how awesome you are!!.. so ashton is sick, so is taybugz.. and so far not jackson!!.. im goin to go and try to do my albies trip ...try is the key word.. ever since i got the strips takin off my incision i've not been feeling well..
    but anyways.. i'll save that convo for you and me...
    love your show and tells.. they are my fave.


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