Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you or someone you know own a Camaro?

If so, you might be able to get a FREE pizza at Papa John's! Apparently, back in 1983, Papa John Schnattner had to sell his 1971 Camaro Z28 because he needed the $2,800 he got for it to keep the family business afloat and also to open his first pizza joint in Indianna. After many years of searching, doing promotional advertizing on his pizza boxes, offering a $250,000 reward, and going on a cross-country road tip in order to find his beloved Camaro...he has been reunited! In honor of this reunion he is reportedly going to give a free pizza to anyone who drives down in their Camaro. Not sure of all of the details on how the offer will work, but if you own one you should definitely call your Papa John's and ask!


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