Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm back! :)

We had a great time in Donnelly this weekend, and luckily I was completely wrong in thinking it was going to be stressful. The kids did great, the weather was perfect, and it really was an all-around great trip. Just a few "minor" incidents (such as me bringing the wrong key with me to unlock the cabin, and my dad, therefore, having to drive halfway to McCall from Middleton to meet us to give me another key, and such as Weston burning his hand on a metal poker for the fire, and such as Ashton and Kennedy both deciding to wake up at like 4:30 in the morning the last night there) but, otherwise, wonderful. :)

Any who...I definitely missed my blog and passing on great deals to everyone! Now I have a ton of catching up to do..eeek! It's already pretty late right now, so I might not get any done until tomorrow, (which most likely no one will be reading this until tomorrow. Lol) but who knows...we'll see how tired I am after I get myself all ready for bed...maybe I'll be back. Otherwise I'll try to get to posting tomorrow! I have some July totals (how much I spent and saved), some new trips to post (including mine from today shopping this AMAZING sale we have going on right now at Albies), and some other random info I want to get out there...hope you gals scored some great deals this weekend! There's definitely PLENTY out there!


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