Monday, August 31, 2009

LOTS of clearance items at Albies...

I went in this morning and saw that Albies has carts full of clearance items. There were a lot of great 10/$10 items like Campbell's soup (pair with the IP HERE and a doubler to get two cans for FREE!) and soup bowls (coupons in yesterday's paper), Kashi cereal, various other soups, and lots more. They also have carts with 50% 0ff items, with cool stuff such as a Char-Broil table top grill (15in) marked down from $25 to $12.50! There were also flip-flops, organization canisters, Rubbermaid containers, summer toy/water/sand stuff, even some cute flower pillows, and LOTS more. I didn't have time to look through it all very closely, as my toddler had decided he was DONE shopping, but I am going back later today and plan on looking more thoroughly.

If you plan on being there, be sure to look for all the carts! (The 10/$10 items were by the self-checkout area and the 50% off carts were in one of the freezer aisles.)


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