Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Albies shopping this week...

Ok, so I went and used up the rest of my coupons and cats yesterday. Although, with all the matching coupons that came in the newspaper today...I might have a ton more shopping to do! Lol. We'll see...
I did these in three transactions...(I actually shopped at the Caldwell Stadium store, as they were the only one that was well-stocked with everything I wanted)
2 - Lipton Soup Mix
2 - Lipton Rice Sides
6 - Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
4 - All Small & Mighty
5 - Ragu Pasta Sauces
1 - Wishbone Salad Dressing
5 - Betty Crocker Potatoes
5 - Klondike Ice Cream bars
Just shy of 4 lb's Boneless Pork Chops
4 - 1lb bags of baby carrots
2 lbs Asparagus
1 - 4lb container of strawberries
The total that all of these items should have cost me is $143.59. I paid $9.59. :)
Transaction #1
2 Lipton Soup mix
2 Lipton Rice sides
6 Skippy Natural
4 All S&M
Total: $30.00
Used 1 $.75/2 Lipton/Knorr, 3 $.75/2 Skippy, 4 $1/1 All, plus used $20 in OYNSO from earlier in the week, making my OOP $3, plus I received 3 $5 OYNSO and 3 $1 OYNSO (for the peanut butter).
5 Ragu
1 Wishbone
5 Betty Crocker Potatoes
5 Klondike ice cream bars
Total: $30.00
Used 5 $.30/1 Ragu, 1 $.75/1 Wishbone, a $4 off 5 Klondike cat (that I received from buying the Breyers Ice Cream a couple of weeks ago and if I'd have had the $1/2 Klondike coupon, I would have saved $2 more! I had never printed it, though, before I left. Bummer). I also used 4 $5 cats and my 3 $1 cats, bringing my OOP down to $.76! Plus I received yet another $15 in OYNSO!
All of my produce, including pork chops that were BOGO ($3.99/lb), Asparagus-$1.88/lb, strawberries $5.96 for 4lb container, and the baby carrots that were BOGO for the 1lb bags ($1.99)
Used my last three $5 cats and brought my OOP down to $5.83
So adding this to my previous shopping this week on the same sale, my weekly totals are...
I got $805.51 worth of groceries for $83.78!! That's a savings of $721.73 or 90%!!!


  1. Wow you are so good at this, I hope I can get this down like you. Impressive!! :)

  2. how the by far your best one yet. love those cats


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