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This week's Albies promo is CRAZY good!

Boy, oh boy...unless you are new to the coupon world, you already know about the crazy Albies promo going on this week. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then go HERE to find out! (FabulesslyFrugal does a great job of describing the sale and giving all of the details, including coupons to use.)

Once you get familiar with it, you can go to GrocerySmarts HERE to view the printable shopping list.

It is way too late to stay up detailing all of the items, especially since FabulesslyFrugal did such an awesome job already, so I will just share with you my amazing deals I've scored thus far. I bought all of these items over the last couple of days...buying a bit each day and at different stores. I am STILL not done, so will be adding to this post as the week goes on and I finish shopping. :) I did this in SEVERAL transactions... The total that ALL of these trips up to 8/5 should have cost me is $661.92. I've paid $74.19 OOP! That's a savings of $587.73 or 89%!!! Wow.

(This includes the stuff I bought on Sunday and Monday. The price next to each item, in parenthesis, is the sale price)
I am not including links for IP's, as that would just take me FOREVER. For the complete lists of printalbes, use the FabulesslyFugal list (at the above link) for references. Krazy Coupon Lady also has a comprehensive list of printables HERE. You could also check out the PYP forums for links.

Transaction #1

1 - Betty Crocker cookie pouch ($1.67/ea)
2 - Betty Crocker Warm Delights ($1.67/ea)
1 - All Small &Mighty detergent ($3.50)
4 - Ragu pasta sauces ($1.66/ea)
6 - Vaseline lotion ($2.50/ea)

Total: $30.17
Used 2-$1/1 Ragu IP (campaign is out of coupon prints), 1-$.40/1 Warm Delights IP, 1-$50/1 Cookie pouch IP, 6-$1.25/1 Vasaline (RP 8/2), $1/1 All (RP 6/28 or 8/2)and 3 doublers (-$3.00), making my OOP 15.28, plus I received 3-$5 OYNSO cats (as part of the promo)


5 - 375ct Q-tips ($2.50)
3 - Dove Conditioner ($4.99/ea)
1 - Dove 2-in-1 ($4.99)

Total: $32.46
Used 5-$.30/1 Q-tips (RP 5/17 and 8/2), 4-$1/1 Dove (RP 6/7 or 8/2) and 4 doublers. I also rolled over my $15 in cats from the previous transaction, making my OOP $7.96. I then received $27 in cats! (3-$5, 1-$10, and 1o-$2) This happened because I did a "double-dip" scenario, where two promos overlapped and, therefore, I got $15 in cats from one promo an d $12 in cats from another. To read more about this "double-dipping" scenario, click HERE to go to the PYP forums. (You will have to go to the second page and scroll down to post #18 to read the details) You may need to register with PYP (or login) to view the forums, I can't remember, but if so, then DO it! If you haven't already done so, you are missing out on some of the greatest info you'll come across! The forums are a GREAT way to get tips, learn about the sales, get firsthand accounts from other coupon shoppers, and get your questions answered.


4 - Betty Crocker cookie pouches ($1.67/ea)
4 - Chex Mix (1.67/ea)
1 - Bugles ($1.66)
4 - Knorr sides ($1/ea)
4 - Nature Valley Nut Clusters ($2.50/ea)
1 - Betty Crocker cake mix ($1.oo)

Total: $30.00
Used 4-$.40/1 cookie pouch IP, 4-$.50/1 Chex Mix ( I can't for the life of me remember which insert these came from and can't find that info anywhere either. All I see is the printables) or IP, 4-$.50/1 Nut Clusters IP, 2-$.75/2 Knorr (RP 8/2) and 7 doublers. I also rolled my 3 $5 OYNSO from the previous transaction, making my OOP $1.31! I then received 3 more $5 cats!


4 - Betty Crocker Brownie Mix ($2/ea)
1 - Lipton Cold Brew ($2.50)
2 - Kix cereal ($2.00/ea)
2 - Cookie Crisp cereal ($2.00/ea)
2 - Reese's Puffs cereal ($2.00/ea)
4 - Betty Crocker fruit snacks ($2.00/ea)

Total: $30.50
Used 2-$.75/2 brownie mix IP, 1-$.50/1 Lipton (RP 8/2), 4-$.75/1 Fruit snacks , 2-$.55/1 Reese's Puffs (was a printable from last month. Now there is a $1/2 IP or you could use $1/2 (SS 7/12 or 7/19), and I am noticing that my two Cookie Crisp cereal coupons (SS 8/2) did not get scanned. :( Bummer! So that's an extra $1.10 I should have saved! I also used 5 doublers and a $10, $5, and $2 OYNSO from previous transactions, making my OOP $2.75. Plus I received 3 $5 OYNSO.

Here are the trips from 8/4 and one from 8/5

1 - Wishbone salad dressing ($1.67)
2 - Betty Crocker fruit snacks ($2.00/ea)
2 - Nature Valley Nut Clusters ($2.50/ea)
2 - Dove Body Mist ($2.50/ea)
6 - Dove Deodorant ($2.50/ea)

Total: $30.67
Used 1-$.75/1 Wishbone (RP 6/28 or 8/2), 2-$1/1 Betty Crocker fruit snacks IP, 2-$1/1 Nut Clusters IP, 2 - Dove Body Mist (RP 6/7), 2-$2/1 Dove Ultimate IP, 4 - $1.25/1 Dove Deodorant (RP 6/7) and 2 doublers. I also used 2-$5 OYNSO from prev. transaction, making my OOP $4.12. I received 3 more $5 cats. :)

10 - 500ct Q-tips ($3.00/ea)
Total: $30.00
Used 6-$.30/1 Q-tips (RP 5/17 and 8/2) (I only had 6 left) and used three $5 cats, making my OOP $13.20, but I received $27 back in cats again for double-dipping!

4 - All Small & Mighty ($3.50/ea)
2 - Degree deodorant ($2.50/ea)
1 - Dove Body Mist ($2.50)
1 - Vaseline lotion ($2.50)
4 - Betty Crocker potatoes ($1.50/ea)

Total: $30.00
Used $1.25/1 Vaseline (RP 8/2), 4-All Small & Mighty (RP or 8/2), $1/1 Dove Mist (RP 6/7), 2-$1/1 Degree IP, and 2 doublers. Also used a $10 and $2 cat from previous, making my OOP 1.75.

Here are my transactions from Wednesday (8/5) morning and afternoon:


3 - Wishbone salad dressings ($5.00)
2 - Brownie Mix ($2.00/ea)
1 - Chex Mix (1.67)
8 - Skippy Natural peanut butter ($2.00/ea)
2 - BC Fruit Snacks ($2.00/ea)

Total: $30.67
Used 3-$.75/1 Wishbone, 2-$.75/1 Fruit snacks IP (well, I HAD two of these, but it looks like only one got scanned. Grr..), 4-$.75/2 Skippy, 1-$.50/1 Chex Mix, 1-$.75/2 brownie mix (tearpad coupon I had), plus used 4 $5 cats from previous, making my OOP $3.67, but I received my $15 in cats (or was supposed to. They actually didn't print, so I had to go to customer service after my second transaction to get it fixed), PLUS 4-$1 OYNSO for the Skippy (get $1 OYNSO wyb 2 Skippy Natural thru 8/11)!


5 - Macaroni Grill dinner kits ($3.50/ea)
8 - Knorr/Pasta sides ($1.00/ea)
2 - BC cookie pouches ($1.67/ea)
1 - Progresso Soup ($2.00)

Total: $30.84
Used: 4-$.75/2 Knorr (RP 8/2)(I am seeing now that yet again, 1 of the coupons didn't get scanned, so I only got $2.25 off instead of $3.00), 5-$1.10/1 Macaroni Grill (SS 7/12), 2-$.40/1 cookie pouch, plus used 4 - $1 OYNSO from previous, and 3-$5 cats from previous, making my OOP $18.39 (I wasn't able to use my $5 cats this time, because they didn't print and couldn't go to customer service until after this transaction).


3 - Pillsbury Cookie Dough ($2.50/ea)
2 - Nature Valley nut clusters ($2.50/ea)
2 - BC fruit snacks ($2.00/ea)
1 - BC potatoes ($1.50)
5 - Chex Mix bars ($2.50/ea)

Total for promo: $30.50
Also got 4 - Mrs. Cubbisons croutons ($1.39/ea) and 12 - Del Monte Fruit Naturals cups ($1.00/ea), adding an extra $17.56.
I used 3-$.55/1 Pillsbury (SS 7/12), 2-BOGO Mrs. Cubbison's (RP 7/26), 2-$.40/1 Fruit snacks IP, 5-$.60/1 Chex Mix Bars IP, 2-$1/1 Nut Clusters IP, 6-$1/2 Del Monte (RP 7/12, but there are also coupons taped to many of these), plus used 5-$5 cats from previous, making my OOP $1.83, plus I received 3-$5 OYNSO cats AND a cat for free multipack water up to $4.50 (for buying 4 Chex Mix bars...not sure when this promo ends)


6 - Best Foods Mayo (2.50/ea)
4 - Ragu ($2.00/ea)
1 - All Small & Mighty ($3.50)
2 - Knorr sides ($1.00/ea)
2 - BC cookie pouch ($1.67/ea)

Total: $30.50
Used 2-$1/1 Mayo IP, 4-$.60/1 Mayo (RP 5/17 or 6/28), 2-$.40/1 Cookie pouch IP, 2-$1/2 Ragu IP, 1-$.75/2 Knorr, 2 doublers, and 3-$5 cats from previous, making my OOP $4.56. I also received 3 more $5 cats.


4 - BC Brownie Mix ($2.00/ea)
1 - Cookie pouch ($1.67)
1 - Lipton soup mix ($1.00)
2 - Ragu ($1.67/ea)
2 - Betty Crocker Fruit snacks ($2.00/ea)
2 - Nut Clusters ($2.50/ea)
3 - Dove Deodorant ($2.50/ea)

Total for promo: $30.50, plus got 1-24pk Dasani Water ($3.88) and 4-Del Monte Fruit cups ($1.00/ea) so add an additional $7.88.
I then used 2-$.30/1 Ragu (actually I only see one as being scanned), 2-$.75/2 Brownie Mix IP, 2-$2/1 Dove IP, 1-$1.25/1 Dove Visibly Smooth (RP 6/7), 2-$.40/1 Fruit Snacks IP, 2-$1/1 Nut Clusters IP, 1-$.40/1 cookie mix, 2-$1/2 Del Monte, and 2 doublers. I then used 4-$5 cats and my cat for FREE water, making my OOP -$.36! I don't know how I wound up with an overage...usually they make you have something to soak it up or they adjust a coupon amount or something...not sure what happened But I guess it's only fair since my Ragu coupon didn't get scanned! :)

Alrighty...there ya go! I do need to make a few notes on these. It has been said that Albies is only allowing 2 promo transactions per preferred card, per day. The Albies on 12th Ave even had signs posted all over the store that said this. That is what many of the cashiers were saying, too...HOWEVER...I was able to get my cats way more than just twice yesterday! So...I don't know if I am just lucky or what...but for some reason the limit of two didn't apply for me. The cashiers did say that for most of the shoppers, it was not working after two, or sometimes even one. Therefore, I can't guarantee what will work for you.

Also, there are multiple links for many of the internet printables...remember that you can print each IP twice from EACH link! Not just necessarily twice total! So if you want even more IP's, make sure you go to EACH link and print twice.

One thing I learned this your checker scan your coupons! There were a couple of times where my coupon did not get scanned and I didn't notice until I am looking back on my receipts. Sometimes they get stuck together (especially the IP's) or the checker is just in a big hurry and misses one. Just a word of advice. :)

This promo is SUPER hot and the items are going quickly. A lot of the stores just got a shipment in this morning, so if you're going to go today, don't wait never know how long they'll last! When I was there yesterday, both Nampa stores had received big shipments of the qtips, ragu, skippy (except for natural...grr), chex mix bars, Knorr sides, and cereal. Not sure if they're still there, but go check it out if you can. Good luck all!

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