Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheez-its for $.79/box!

The manager at the Greenhurst and 12th Albies just told me this evening that they are going to have a big display of Cheez-its at the front of the store tomorrow that will be priced at $1.79/ea. They will also have $2 off of 2 coupons at the registers! So...if you buy two boxes, it will come to $3.58, but with the $2 off that makes it $1.58 for both, or only $.79 per box! That's an AWESOME deal! I am not sure whether this is the regular Cheez-its or the Sunshine Cheez-its, as he did not specify and I didn't think to ask, but either way...it's a great deal! Just thought I'd let ya know! Not sure how long those coupons will last, but be sure to ask if you head in!


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