Sunday, September 27, 2009

A fun use for some of that paper...

So, if you're getting your multiple Sunday papers each week (like you should be!), then you know how quickly it piles up! In my family, we generally recycle it every week, but there are a few more uses!

First of all....all of those comics? My husband had a very thrifty idea to use it as wrapping paper for gifts! Not only does it not cost anything, but it also looks great and can be used for children or adults! I save mine each week and just keep it stacked in the closet until I need some, then I mix and match it to wrap gifts.

You can also use newspaper for laying down on the table under art projects to keep the table clean of paints/crayons/glue/glitter/etc.

Another great idea is using it as stuffing! You can make your own scarecrow for your porch this year! Just get some old jeans and an old plaid shirt (or whatever long-sleeve shirt really) and stuff them both with the newspaper. Sit your "scarecrow" up in a chair and prop him up. For a head, you can stuff a small pillowcase and draw on a face, add a straw hat, maybe even some yarn-hair, who knows? Your possibilities are endless, but newspaper makes great stuffing for this project. Another thing you can use newspaper for stuffing with is for a ghost. Take a white garbage sack and stuff it with a bit of newspaper shaped into a ball (for the head--only fill about 1/4 of the bag), then twist shut and secure with a piece of string, a zip tie, whatever, leaving the other end flowing open. Then draw on two black circle eyes, and voila! You have a ghost that you can now hang up anywhere you want.

I'm sure you already know this, but maybe some don't...did you know that newspaper is GREAT for cleaning mirrors and windows? Don't waste all of those paper towels, just spray the window with Windex and use a newspaper for a streak-free clean!

Anyone else have any other great uses for newspaper? I'd love to hear them!


  1. I didnt know about using to clean mirrors. I am trying that today.


  2. ps. i knew that about the mirrors and

  3. So how did it work for you Martha? I know it feels weird at first, since you're used to a soft paper towel, but it really does work!


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