Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday Menu Planning...

Boy, oh boy...I just can't believe how quickly time is going by! My baby boy is going to be two tomorrow! Yikes. I'm not doing very good at getting these out on Tuesday am I? Lol. Alright, so here is my menu plan for the week. I managed to stick to the menu plan pretty well last week, but definitely still have room to improve! Boy was that fair food yummy! This week features lots of ideas for using up those Grands Biscuits we'll be getting for FREE at Albies this week with the $1/1 coupon here: IE or FF (or close to free with the $1/2 coupon HERE or HERE) as part of the General Mills promo. The $1/1 coupon is a brick coupon, so after you print it once, you can hit your browser's back-button three times and it should print again! You can print it twice off of each computer in your home. The $1/2 coupon can be printed twice from EACH link above. I don't know if I'll fit them ALL in this week, but wanted to throw them all out there for you to get you excited about biscuits and so that you don't feel guilty in buying a bunch! They are so much more versatile than you may have realized! Good thing I never wound up buying biscuits at Walmart for last week :) My mouth is watering already...

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, OJ
Cereal w/ milk, toast
Homemade scones (using the Grands Biscuits, just tear in half, flatten, and deep fry in the vegetable oil that we got cheap last week. Then add some butter, sugar or honey and enjoy your heart-attack on a plate!), cantelope, milk
Yogurt-peach-granola parfaits
Egg/sausage/cheese biscuits (yep, you guessed it, using the Grands biscuits)
Granola bars, yogurt, OJ
Biscuits and gravy

If you've never made biscuits and gravy it's so super simple (and oh so delicious) Just brown your sausage, add flour (about 1/4 cup per half lb of sausage) to soak up the fat along with some salt and pepper. Do not drain! That's where the flavor is! Then, over medium heat, gradually add about 3 cups of milk while stirring constantly with a wire whisk. Cook until it thickens and then serve over warm, split biscuits. Scrumptious!

Tuna sandwiches, pickles, chips, juice
Hormel Compleats, mixed veggies, chocolate milk
Mini Pizzas (again, using the Grands Biscuits), milk
Banquet frozen meals, juice
Totinos pizza rolls, green beans, strawberry milk
Lunchables, Cheez-its, cantelope, juice
Leftover Lasagna

Rice Krispie treats
Cheerios snack mix w/ grapes
Cheesesticks and kiwi
Fruit Snacks
Cheesesticks and Cheez-its
Jello cup
Cantelope slices

Chicken Pot Pie (for this recipe and lots of other great recipes using up those Grands biscuits we're getting such a good deal on this week, go check out KrazyCouponLady's post HERE)
Sloppy Joe Biscuit Rounds (check out this recipe HERE and MANY more at
Biscuit Taco Casserole (recipon on HERE)
Macaroni Grill Dinner kit, cooked carrots, garlic bread
Stouffer's Lasagna (I bought this a while ago and need to use it up), corn, cottage cheese
Hamburger Helper, green beans, dinner rolls
Ashton's birthday party is on Labor Day, so that will be lunch AND dinner. We'll be bbqing either chicken/ribs (haven't decided yet) plus burgers and hotdogs, pasta salad, baked beans, chips, plus any salads/sidedishes that guests bring.

Monkey bread (recipe for this can also be found on the above KCL post)
Zucchini Muffins
Whole Fruit bars
Fruit w/ cool whip
Birthday cake!! (from Betty Crocker mix-German Chocolate)
Leftover birthday cake. Lol.


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