Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Albertson's 10/28-11/03

HERE is this week's printable shopping list. As I mentioned before, there really is not very much to get excited about this week. I wasn't even very excited about the Walgreen's list this week. Just a REALLY slow week. Oh well...I am happy to have some time "off." :) What looks good to you at Albies this week? Anything?
**Not sure what this list is all about? Check out my "Using GrocerSmarts" page, HERE. Or, if you're new to the site or new to couponing, click HERE to go to the beginning to begin learning how YOU can save 60-90% on your grocery bill.


  1. this is kind of nice, im not goin to lie, im enjoyin a break from the hectic sales, not that my cupboards can hold any more anyways.. actually its my over full freezer in the back hallway thats too i probably won't shop unless we have doubles on sunday. come on doubles!!

  2. Same here. If there are no doublers...I'm totally staying home. Lol. So did you guys get doublers today? I know it was confirmed for certain Oregon papers, I believe the Oregonian...but wasn't sure if that's what you get...


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