Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Albertson's 10/14-10/20 (updated: Just got better!)

HERE is this week's printable shopping list. Too bad my hubby doesn't drink coke products...only $.77 per 2ltr! That's great! Though, it does look like I'll be getting him some more Powerade, which he'll be happy about. I will grab some apples at $.78/lb, whole carrots at $.59/lb (1lb bag), and some celery at $.89/lb.

Boy, oh boy, is this General Mills promo awesome! Buy $25, get a $10 OYNSO (to spend, same as cash, on your next Albertson's purchase) Rembember, you only have to get your total to $25 BEFORE coupons. One thing to remember when grouping items together to reach a require dollar amount, is to keep your total as close to $25 as possible to maximize your savings. For example, do two separate $25 orders and get two $10 OYNSO ($20.00) instead of doing one $50 transaction and only getting one $10 OYSNO.

Also, to add to the fun, there is also a catalina running that will let you double dip a little...

Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, or Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Stickerz
Purchase between 10/9/09 and 11/1/09
Buy 3 get $1.50
Buy 4 get $2.50
Buy 5 or more get $3.50 OYNSO

So, if you buy 5 ($2.50 ea) that gets you to $12.50. Now, just add $12.50 in other promo items, and after your transaction, you will not only get the $10 OYSNO for the General Mills promo, but also the $3.50 for the catalina! Pretty cool, huh?

**Update** Athriftymom just posted about another catalina that is going on to add to the promo!

*PILLSBURY Crescents, Cookies, Sweet Rolls, Grands! Biscuits, Grands! Cinnamon Rolls, Pie Crusts, Dinner Rolls, Loaves, Breadsticksor Pizza Crust (price varies from ($1.67 to $2.50)

Buy 3, Get $2 catalina
Buy 4, Get $2.50 catalina
Buy 5 (or more), Get $3 catalina
So, now, if you wanted to combine the promo with both catalinas, you will make out GREAT! Remember, though, that the catalinas are for "buy 5 or more," so if you buy more than 5 in one transaction, you will only get one catalina, so you're better off separating them into transactions of 5, paired with other promo items to get to $25 to get your $10 cat. Make sense?

Alright, so, as for me, I actually am still stocked up on a lot of the Betty Crocker items from the last hot General Mills promo, but some new items that I will definitely shoot for are the Gardettos (I LOVE THESE), maybe some more Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and some Progresson broth. Then of course there's some great Pillsbury items, such as cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, and pie crusts. Did you happen to print the $1/1 crescent rolls IP from a couple of weeks ago? Hopefully you did, because it's gone now, but will make for FREE crescent rolls!

That's about it for me, but if you aren't already stocked up on the General Mills products from last time, then now's the time! Especially if there are doubles this could score some super-cheap stuff! Also, remember that a lot of the great General Mills coupons can be found at these multiple sites and you can print them off twice at EACH LINK!,, SmartSource, and BoxTops4Education

(Also remember, though, that you don't necessarily need to print them all...a lot of the coupons can be found from previous inserts, but always check the dollar value of the coupons to see if it's worth might be!)


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