Monday, October 12, 2009

Albertson's trip 10/11

Boy oh boy...I bought WAY more than I thought I was going to at Albies, BUT stayed below my weekly budget, so that's good. :) Lol. Here is the photo and details of what I bought...

18 boxes - Quaker instant oatmeal
2 - Quaker old-fashioned oats canisters
4 - Pop-Secret Kettle corn (3pk)
4 - Ronzoni Healthy Harvest linguine
4 - Quaker Fright Night mini-granola bar bags
4 - Aunt Jamima syrup
3 - Red Baron pizzas
6 - Red Baron singles
3 - IBC Rootbeer
4 - Nestle tollhouse refrigerated cookie dough
2 - Sparkle paper towel (single roll)
1 - Steamfresh meal for two
1 - gallon milk
2 - Quaker Life cereal
2 - Diet Mt Dew 2ltrs
4 - Sargento Salad Finishers
1 - Welch's juice cocktail
2 - Planter's Big Nut bars
2 - Zataran's rice boxes
1 - Eddy's bread loaf
1 - Daisy sour cream (8oz)
1 - Mott's apple sauce (6pk)
1 - Star Red Wine Vinegar
2 - Star White Wine vinegar

The items I bought because we needed them, not because they were on sale were the Mt. Dew, milk, bread, Planter's nut bars (they don't sell these at Walmart that I've found, so we have to buy them at Albies where they are like $3.79 a piece!), and wine vinegars. So...even getting all of those non-sale items, I came out pretty well. The total all of these items SHOULD have cost me is $293.03. I paid $81.38! I saved $211.65 or 72%!!! Not too bad! Oh, and on top of that I also got NINE free Redbox rental codes! AND, after shopping, I filled up my tank for $.20 off per gallon, saving me another $3.58 on gas!

These promos were GREAT, because you do not have to do separate transactions, and you don't even have to group them together in groups of 10 or $10 or whatever, like with some promos. You just throw it ALL up on the cart and do it in ONE transaction! What a nice change! I can't remember the last time I was able to do that. Doublers are GREAT (and could have saved me a ton more money) but sometimes it's nice to just have things be non-complicated!

So, I am not going to post details, as all of the coupons are listed on the GrocerySmarts list for this week. I simply did one transaction and handed over my huge stack of coupons! I did wind up using the $10 off of $50 purchase, also, which I didn't think I would. Lol. That knocked another 10 bucks off! I also had coupons for FREE Star products from a recent survey I did online (I actually got 5 coupons, but already used two of them previously), so that knocked another $8.97 off.

One thing you DO need to make sure of is that you know before you get to the register how many sets of each promo you are doing. For example, 3 sets of the Quaker promo ($5 instant off when you purchase 10 qualifying items) and 2 sets of Mix & Match promo ($3 instant off when you spend $10), that way, after everything is rung up you and the cashier can look to make sure that you got all of the instant savings you were supposed to. Otherwise, you might not notice that $3 is missing.

IF, you get done and realize that you didn't get one of your instant offs, just go to the customer service desk and they will take care of it for you! I absolutely LOVE the customer service desk associates at the Greenhurst Albies. I have NEVER had an issue that they weren't willing and able to fix. They're great!

Also, if you make a mistake, don't hesitate to go to customer service for that too! They'll help you to fix it. I, for example, accidentally grabbed two Zataran's rice that was not part of the promo, so therefore didn't get the $3 off. I went to customer service and they let me swap out the rices and gave me the refund I was due ($6.58!).

Alright, have fun shopping! I'm now stocked up on oatmeal for the year! By the way, I, personally, had never seen the dino-egg 6 year old thought it was the coolest thing ever this morning! Lol. If you have kids and you have never bought this before, BUY IT! It's awesome, and only $.75 of course. :)

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  1. The Dino oatmeal was the only way I was able to get my daughter to eat oatmeal. She loves it.

    Nice shopping trip! I have been slacking lately, but I finally decided to make a late night trip to Albies last night and saved more than I spent. Woohooo!


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