Sunday, October 4, 2009

In the paper today..

What is the key to success in saving 60-90% on your grocery bill? Getting multiple Sunday papers! (General rule is one for every member of your family, including babies) Every Sunday I sit and pull the inserts and other coupons out of my six papers and it looks like this...

Today you will find three inserts: SmartSource, RedPlum, and General Mills (seems like General Mills has been putting their own inserts out...wonder if this will continue?) Now, I have SIX of every coupon! I wait until there is a great sale on a particular item, then go to the store and use that corresponding coupon. I don't buy just one of the item...I buy SIX! I stock up on it while it's at it's lowest price, then, I don't have to buy it again until there is another sale and another coupon! Always purchasing items at their rock-bottom price. If you are new to couponing and want to learn more, click HERE to go to the beginning and learn everything you need to know.

Another great thing in this morning's paper? DOUBLERS! Woohooo! I had read all around the internet that there would be no doublers this what a wonderful suprise! And, by getting SIX papers, I now have SIX sets of doublers, not just one. That is 18 doublers that will usually get me free or close-to-free items. :)

There is also another 40% off coupon for any regularly priced items at Michael's this week. I LOVE these coupons! I have been using them to get cheap Halloween and craft items. The 25% off your entire wall and tabletop frames purchase is back too! I LOVE that coupon. :)


  1. Doublers and 40% Michaels!!! Okay, this just made may day!!!

  2. gayest thing ever.. sunday oregonian did not get doublers in the papers...boooooo... on oregon!!


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