Monday, November 2, 2009

October Totals...

Yes, I'm still taking a little break, but I actually got this post done last week and thought I would at least post my October totals for ya. I'm pretty excited to share them.
If you'll remember, I decided to actually BUDGET myself this week, so that I could really start seeing how much I'm saving. I decided to start with $430/mo (which is $100/wk), as I felt that was very doable. I anticipate lowering it by just a little each month, until I am at $215.00/mo ($50/wk). $430/month might seem like a lot, but you have to remember that I have a family of 5, including TWO in diapers, and the $430/mo is including EVERYTHING I buy to keep my household running!

Things that ARE included in my totals:
*Food (not including dining out)
*Diapers (for two kids)
*Formula (I breast feed, but supplement with formula)
*ALL cleaning supplies (air fresheners, household cleaners, laundry items, etc.)*Toiletries (hair products, deodorant, feminine products, paper products, etc)
*Medicine & health related items (non-prescription)
*Office Supplies (including school supplies)

Items NOT included in my totals:
*Any of the above items that are purchased with the sole intent of being a gift
*Dining out
*Prescription Meds

Alright, so here are my totals for each week this month:

Week #1
Total for the items purchased: $317.54
OOP (out-of-pocket) I paid: $118.85
Saved: $198.69 or 63%

Week #2
Total for items purchased: $301.37
OOP: $83.28
Saved: $218.09 or 72%

Week #3
Total for items purchased: $325.85
OOP: $80.84
Saved: $246.01 or 75%

Week #4 (plus the extra 3 days at the end of the month)
Total for items purchased: $103.13
OOP: $37.77
Saved: $64.36 or 62%

So, for the whole month of October, the items I purchased should have cost me $1047.89. I only paid $320.74. I also received $6 in rebates for the month, so that brings my total down to $314.74. I saved $733.15 or 70%!!

As you can see, I came in $109.26 under budget!! The first week I wound up going over budget and was already worried that staying under $430 for the month wasn't looking like it was going to be as easy as anticipated. However, it turned out that that was just one of those weeks where I spent more, but that was ok, because I made up for it the following week. Every week after that I spent less and less. This last week, was VERY slow at both Albies and Walgreens, so that helped a lot with keeping under budget for sure. I am so very excited!!

Now, in addition to what I saved on purchases, I also saved $9.48 on gas for the month using my Albertson's preferred card gas rewards. I have also submited for $38.95 in rebates, plus still have $17.00 in Walgreen's Register Rewards and a $2 OYNSO at Albertson's (from a survey) to use, same as cash, for the next month. :)

Alright, so for November, I have decided to shoot for $365.50 ($85/wk). I know I came in under that this month, but that included a very slow week at Albies last week. Lol. Wish me luck!!


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