Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick & easy Halloween craft!

Here is a super-easy Halloween craft. My boys made these spider headbands today and now I can't get them to take them off!

You will need a piece of black construction paper (maybe two, depending on how thick you cut the strips. Cut them along the width of the paper (so the strips are shorter, rather than longer) and cut two slightly thicker strips (these will become the headband) and eight thinner strips for the legs.

Simply staple the ends of the two thicker strips, measure them to your child's head, then staple the other ends. My tip would be to make it so that the staples face the outside of the headband so that they don't pull hair. You could also use tape, but I find the stapler easier.

Next, simply accordian fold the eight legs.

Glue one end of each leg onto the head band, four on each side.

Add some googly eyes and a mouth if you wish and voila! Your child is now a spider! Here is my oldest putting on his "I'm innocent" face, and still wearing his Bumblebee costume that we can't get him to take off. Lol.


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