Thursday, October 1, 2009

Totally not coupon-related...

This has absolutely nothing to do with coupons, but just had to share that my 6 year old is officially a Cub Scout! He will be selling popcorn at the Albertson's on Greenhurst and 12th from 1pm-3pm this Saturday, Oct. 3rd to help earn money for his pack. If you are willing and able, come on over and support him! Unfortunately, he just started, so he doesn't even have his uniform yet...but he'll probably have to be buried in a big coat to stay warm any way! Lol. The popcorn IS kind of spendy, as with any other catalog fundraiser items, but they have tins starting at $10. He gets 70% of the profit, so that's pretty good! Of course, they're working to earn money, but the boys also get prizes based on how much they sell, so he's ready to work super hard on Saturday to sell as much as possible! Come see us!!

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