Saturday, November 28, 2009

50 FREE photocards from!

If you haven't ordered Christmas cards yet, you have through Monday to get 50 FREE photo cards from! I just created the card above and got 50 for free and only had to pay $3.19 in shipping! That's about $.06 per card! You can't even get them at Walmart for that price, and these are SOOO much more customizable. You can add multiple photos, text, graphics, etc. I had planned on creating my own this year with Photoshop, but when this deal came around, I couldn't pass it up. Not only did I save myself some money, I saved some time as well.
All you have to do to get your free cards is go to and register or log-in. Once you do, go to "Photo Cards." Create your photo cards, save your project, then simply add 50 cards to your cart. Once at checkout, you will see a place to enter a promo code, where you will enter "freebies4mom-1109." That will take $24.50 off, making them free! All you pay is about $3 in shipping! I can't wait to get mine and send them out! I hope they look as good on paper as they do on my screen! Lol.
I will note that I did find the site a little slow at times. So, if you have a slow connection speed, it might take a while. I have fast cable and it still seemed to drag a bit. I also had to play around a bit when making my card because some of the features were hard to manage. Be sure to "Preview" your card before ordering. I previewed it and realized that my text looked funny, even though it didn't in the regular view. Any way, have fun and enjoy your 50 FREE photo cards!! Remember, you only have through 11/30 to order, so hurry!
Thanks Freebies4Mom!!


  1. is that your xmas card???.. thats so cute!.

  2. Yep, that's my card! :) it was actually pretty fun making it. Just like digital scrapbooking. I started with a base/background and make it completely my own. I love it!

  3. I just placed my order for cards over the weekend. Darn! Yours are super cute by the way!!!


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