Monday, November 23, 2009

Albertson's Trip 11/22

See if you can guess how much I paid just by looking at the picture:

Here is a list of all of the items if that helps:

6-Diamond chopped walnuts (8oz)
10lb bag of potatoes
5-Dannon Danimals drinks/crushcups
1-Albertson's graham cracker crust
1-Florida's Natural orange juice
1-12ct King Hawaiian rolls
1 bunch of celery
6 cans Campbell's cooking soups
5 cans Albertson's olives
2 cans Lindsay's olives
2 Townhouse Flipsides crackers
1 qt Coffee-mate liquid creamer (can't wait to try the Pumpkin Spice flavor!)
1 pint Coffee-mate liquid creamer

So, there ya go. Now can you guess how much I spent? I bet you're wrong!

I spent $6.27 plus tax! :) The total it SHOULD have cost me is $84.29. I saved $78.02 or 93%!! I did 6 transactions using three doublers in each transaction. I will not take the time to list all of the coupons, as you can find them on the GrocerySmarts list HERE. I did use a raincheck from a previous week on the walnuts and on the Danimals. I also used $10 in catalinas from the General Mills promo a couple of weeks ago. It pays to use coupons!!!


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