Friday, November 6, 2009

Print your IP's directly from my site!!

So, you can now print your coupons directly from my site!! By doing so, you help support my blog and the work that I do to bring you all of the deals and info! When you ever need to print coupons from, simply come to my blog and go through any of the coupon bars located here (that look like the one pictured here), such as the one across the top of the page. There are also ones conveniently located on each side, so no matter where you are on my blog, you have easy access to your printable coupons. You can easily scroll through the coupons right on the coupon bar and hit quick print, which will quickly and easily print just the coupon you need. VERY convenient! You can also click on it to be taken to the main page. Thanks so much for your support!!


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