Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who does this?

Please, please, please NOT become one of those crazy coupon ladies who does THIS...

Last week (or the week before...whenever it was) when I bought frosting, you can see where there clearly was a coupon attached to the frosting tub. Someone decided that it was their right to remove that peelie coupon, despite not purchasing this item. Luckily for me, I wasn't planning on using the coupon, as I had a higher-value coupon from the paper, but what if I had been?
What if I was just a regular shopper (as in NOT a couponer) and I had just come in to buy some frosting and was gipped out of my coupon? Is this wrong and rude or what? I just can't believe that you have to tell grown-ups not to do stuff like this! GRR....I guess this is a sensitive spot for me, but it just flabbergasts me. Please don't do this. It's just unethical. People who do this are the ones that give couponers a bad name! Ok. I'm done now. :)


  1. i hate that! i have seen ones in stores that ripped and torn and you can tell it was a coupon that was ripped off! so rude!

  2. that is horrible.. i don't see the point either when your not buying the dang product.. my mom went to go get the glade tins from nampa walmart.. and all the coupons were gone inside the tin.. and i don't normally have that problem here in pendleton, but when i went to tri cities for target.. to get in on the glade candle deal i was excited they had 10 left.. i only needed 5... but out of the 10 there was 3 coupons inside.... booooo rude people...


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