Tuesday, December 15, 2009

30% off EVERYTHING at B.Dalton in the Karcher Mall!

I kept meaning to post this and kept forgetting! I just wanted to pass along the news that the B. Dalton store in the Nampa Karcher Mall is closing it's doors! They will be closing on Jan. 16th, so they have 30% off EVERYTHING in the store! Remember, B. Dalton is a Barnes & Noble store, so if you have a Barnes & Noble membership, you can use your card at B. Dalton and get your membership discount! That means you'll get an additional 10% off after the 30%! On adult hardcovers (excludes current bestsellers) you will get an additon 20% off after the 30% markdown! My husband and I went there last week and it was hard not going overboard! I am hoping for some great deals when they go to 50% off or more. :)
Any way, just wanted to pass that along. Remember, they don't sell just books! They sell games, calendars, magazines, children's items, etc and it's ALL 30% off!


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