Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Find a coupon blog from YOUR state!

So, I know that some of my readers do not live in Idaho and it can be discouraging hearing about deals that aren't in your own area. Well, I have a solution! Deal Fanatic has begun a "Coupon Blogs by State" page where blog owners can list their blogs and make it super easy for readers to find a blog from near their own area! I think that that is just an absolutely fabulous idea. She just started it in September, so not every state is listed yet. I am sure it continues to grow all of the time! Hopefully you can at least find a blog from a state near you that will have relevant deals for stores near you. If not yet, then continue to check back from time to time as more states are added.

If you have a blog, then head on over there and add yours to the list!


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