Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Multiple newspaper subscription...

I received an email last night from a reader who is getting ready to take the plunge and get started couponing and she was wondering which newspaper she should get and how many she should get for her family of seven. I figured it was about time to do a repost about newspapers and why it's so important to this system to get a multiple newspaper subscription.

First of all, let me say that you can get a GREAT thrifty deal on both the Idaho Statesman and the Idaho Press-Tribune. The cost is roughly the same, and therefore, I would HIGHLY suggest going with the Idaho Statesman. Though the two newspapers get roughly the same coupons, there have been times when the Statesman, being a bigger newspaper, will get coupons that the Tribune just doesn’t get. Or the coupon values will be a bit higher.

You can call the Statesman at 377-NEWS (6397) and ask to get the Fabulessly Frugal newspaper deal, which, for $12.00/mo, you can get your choice of a daily subscription, plus 4 EXTRA Sunday papers (5 total) or just 6 Sunday papers (forgoing the daily subscription). If you have a bigger family, or simply want more papers, you can add additional Sunday papers for $.50/ea. You do have to prepay for your subsciption, but can choose your increment:

52 weeks for $156.00
26 weeks for $78.00
13 weeks for $39.00

If you would prefer, you can also get the Idaho Press-Tribune at a discounted rate by calling Greg Roseberry at 870-2784 and asking for the Fabulessly Frugal paper deal. For $12/mo, you will get the daily Press-Tribune, plus 4 Sunday papers. Or you can get 6 Sunday papers for $13.50/mo.

Do NOT let the price of a subscription deter you from starting this system! I promise you will make up that amount in no time! I prepaid for a whole year for $156 and EASILY made that up in one week. I also easily save that much on many single shopping trips alone! So, I HIGHLY suggest prepaying for as far in advance as you are able, as you never know how long this great deal/pricing will last! It may not be there by the time you go to renew!

Alright, so no you're wondering why on earth you would need so many Sunday papers, right?

(For my family of 5, I get 6 Sunday newspapers every week, and there are times I wish I had MORE!)

Well, the answer is a pretty simple one. Having multiple Sunday papers is the biggest part of what makes this system a success, because it allows you to do what's known as "stockpiling." You are able to stock up on things when they are at a rock-bottom price or FREE, so that you do not have to purchase that item until it is again free or at a rock-bottom price that you are willing to pay! For example, let's say you only have one coupon for $1 off Quaker instant oatmeal. It goes on sale for $1.25. Now, by combinging the sale price and coupon, you get the box for only $.25 (that would cost you $2.00 normally)! That's pretty great, right? Of course it is! However, if you only have one coupon to buy that one box for $.25, what happens when you run out of oatmeal and you need some more? Well, you will have to go buy some at the store and pay full-price for it! You will continue doing so until there is another great sale and great coupon, which could be months down the road.

Now, let's say I have SIX of this same coupon since I get six papers. I can now go buy SIX boxes of the oatmeal that is $.25 after sale-price and coupon and pay less than the price of ONE box. These six boxes will now last my family until the next time they are on sale for a great price I'm willing to pay! So, right there, I just saved $10.50 on my oatmeal...that's just $1.50 shy of paying for one week of my newspaper subsciption! It totally pays for itself and QUICKLY, too!

The general guideline for the number of papers you need is one per member of your family, including babies. For me, that means I need five Sunday papers each week. I get 6 papers, as that is the special offered in my area. It seems like a lot, but it really does pay off, especially with the special rates you can get for your papers. It makes all the sense in the world. I can't stress this'll MORE than make up for the price you pay for a newspaper subscription.

Now, of course, you can always just go down to the store on Sunday and pick up your papers, but there are downfalls to that...not only does it cost more (the price of the Sunday Idaho Statesman just jumped up to $2.00, though the Press-Tribune is still $.85) you also have to hope that some not-very-nice person didn't go comb through the papers and steal the coupon inserts out of them without purchasing the paper (there are people who actually do that...I've had it happen to me, so always check your papers before you buy them) and you also have to hope that the store has some left.

I, on the other hand, pay LESS than I would at newsstand and I just have to walk outside while still in my PJ's and pick my papers up from the driveway. :) I LOVE that!

So, what are you waiting for? Call NOW!

If you live in an area outside of Ada/Canyon County, or even in another state, don't hesitate to email me and I will do my best to find you a special newspaper rate in your area!


  1. You said that even if you lived in another state you could try to find a deal for multiple newspapers? Do you have any ideas for northern Colorado? The only thing I've found was simply to get another newspaper subscription, which works out to .80 per newspaper. I was hoping for much cheaper. gets them for less than .50 in Idaho and I'm jealous!

  2. I'll work on it right now and see what I can do! Be in touch soon...

  3. Would love to get a deal like that but live in Nyssa, OR. Do you think you can help me? Thanks!

  4. I would love a great deal for the North Bay Area! (San Francisco) I want as many as I can get my hands on!!! LOL!!

  5. what about the dallas area?

  6. Im just getting started and feeling slightly overwhelmed...
    Any ideas for Western Wa?
    I live in Olalla (its across the narrows bridge from tacoma between gig harbor and port orchard across the water from seattle)
    My email:
    would love all the imput I can find :) My family of 5 with 2 teen/preteen boys could use a budget break LOL


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