Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You'll never guess where you'll find doublers this week!

One of my readers just passed on some AWESOME info regarding doublers this week! Apparently, though there will be no doublers in the Sunday paper, you can still manage to get your hands on some! Starting tonight, when you spend $25, you will get 3 catalina doublers!! How cool is that? The catalina doublers will print between 12/9-12/13 and must be used by Tuesday, 12/15. There is no set time on when this will begin tonight. The lady she talked to said sometime between 4pm-8pm, may just want to wait until tomorrow, otherwise you might be disappointed when no doublers print!

Now, granted, I would rather get doublers in my paper and not have to spend $25 first, but hey, it's better than no doublers at all! Remember, you just have to reach $25 BEFORE manufacturer coupons! So if you're planning on doing the General Mills promo, that already gets you to $15, now just add in some of the items you want to get that are NOT part of the promo.

Then, to make it an even better deal, you can then use your $5 catalina from the General Mills promo (from your previous transaction) to bring your total down even further! So, here is a scenario as an example:

Buy $15 in General Mills promo items, such as below:
-4 boxes Betty Crocker specialty potatoes ($1.29/ea x 4 = $5.16)
-Use 4 $.40/1 from Group A and Group B (print each twice)
-6 Progresso Classics soups ($1.00/ea x 6 = $6.00)
-Use 2 $1.10/3 from Group A or Group B
-2 Progresso Bread Crumbs ($1.00/ea x 2 = $2.00)
-Use 1 $1/2 from Group A
-2 Green Giant frozen boxed veggies ($.69/ea x 2 = $1.38)
-Use $.50/2 from Group A or Group B
-1 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers ($1.99)
-Use $.50/1 from Group A or Group B

Total for promo = $15.15 (remember, you just have to reach $15 BEFORE coupons!)
After you hand over your coupons, your total will come down to $9.35 OOP, plus you will get back $5 OYNSO for the promo.

Now, just add in $10 worth of other stuff to get to the $25 to get the catalina doublers, such as the following:

1 Darigold Sour Cream ($.99/ea with in-ad coupon)
- Use $.40/1 SS 10/11 or from HERE
1 Darigold Butter ($1.79 with in-ad coupon)
-Use $.30/1 SS 11/22
1 Nestle Tollhouse Cookie dough ($2.49)
-Use $1.50/1 from HERE
4 Campbell's gravies ($.50/ea x 4 = $2.00)
-Use $1/4 from HERE
3 Hunt's spaghetti sauce ($.88/ea x 3 = $2.64)
- Use $1/3 from HERE

Total for ALL items (including the $15.15 from the promo total) = $25.06
After you hand over all of your coupons your total will come down to $15.06 OOP

Plus, after you pay, you will get a $5 OYNSO and 3 doublers!

Now, do another transaction of $25 ($15 in promo and $10 in other items) use all of your coupons, PLUS the three doublers to get your OOP even lower. Then, after paying, you will get ANOTHER $5 OYNSO and three more doublers. I don't have time to post another scenario right now, but will try to add it later. You can continue to roll the deal, or you can simply use the doublers to then get some of the following items:

Dannon Light & Fit yogurt ($.49/ea x 4 = $1.96)
Use $.75/1 from Group A, plus a doubler
Final cost: $.46 or $.12 ea!

Wonderful Pistachios 8oz or larger ($3.99)
Use $1/1 from SS 11/15 or HERE, plus a doubler
Final cost: $1.99!

Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough ($2.49)
Use $1/1 RP 11/1, plus a doubler
Final cost: $.49!

Tillamook Chunk cheese 2lbs ($4.99)
Use $1/2lbs from Group A (regional coupon) plus a doubler
Final cost: $2.99!

There are many more, but I really have to get going! Lots to do today! :)

Thanks for the heads up Torrie!!


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