Friday, January 15, 2010

25 FREE Sewing Crafts from Bloggers!

I wish I could sew. I really do. So does my husband for that matter. He's had a dress shirt of his missing a button for months now just waiting for me to sew it on. Lol. However, I just don't know how. I took Home-Ec in school, but I've basically forgotten everything I learned there since then. I looked through some of these crafts, and some of them are REALLY cute! I especially like the "Framed Monogram." Any way, even though I'm not crafty when it comes to sewing, I thought I would pass this offer along for those of you who might enjoy it. You can download a FREE eBook with 25 sewing crafts to try.

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  1. man i wish i could sew too! our huge down comforter just ripped and is now sitting at the end of our bed on the floor waiting to be sewn....its been there for about 2 weeks now....not proud of it but i keep hoping it will magically fix itself! it was too expensive to just toss and get a new one so i'll have to breakdown and do it! maybe i'll do it at the same time as that stack of shirts missing buttons in Tom's closet.....maybe..


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