Friday, January 1, 2010

Albies trip 12/22

This was from a while back and the sale is over now, so I will not post all of my transaction details, but I did do nine separate transactions in order to use up a bunch of sets of doublers. I would have done even more, but I just ran out of time. :)

Here is a list of everything I bought and what I wound up paying for it:

6 - Kraft shredded cheese ($.49/ea)
2 - Jimmy Dean precooked sausage ($1.49/ea)
1 - 10lb bag russet potatoes ($.99)
2 - Sara Lee pies (paid $5.39 for one, got the other free)
2 - Cool Whip 8oz (FREE with pie promo)
2 - Wonderful Pistachios 10oz ($1.99/ea)
6 - Nesquik flavored milk singles (FREE)
4 - Snyder's pretzel bags (FREE)
2 - Nestle morsels  (FREE, plus $.24 overage)
4 - Treetop juice ($.67/ea)
8 - Del Monte canned veggies (FREE)
2 - 5lb boxes of Cuties ($2.99/ea)
1 gallon milk ($2.29)

All of the above items SHOULD have cost me $163.24. I paid only $29.38. I saved $133.86 or 82%!!

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