Tuesday, January 19, 2010

*Updated* All 3x Small & Mighty laundry detergent (32oz), only $.50!!

*UPDATE* So, I went to Walmart tonight with my ad in hand and after I had already put my six laundry detergents in my cart, I went to pull out my $2 coupons and that's when I noticed it....they were expired. :( I had been seeing around the blogosphere that they expired on 2/07, so I assumed mine did, too. Apparently, different areas got different coupons, as ours expired 1/10/10. I am SOOOO bummed about this. :( I thought about buying some on Ebay (because this is SUCH a GREAT deal) but I didn't want to risk that they wouldn't show up on time and I didn't want to pay the extra to have them priority shipped. Oh well...there will always be another sale....*sigh* Sorry guys!

In case you hadn't heard, you can score All Small & Mighty laundry detergent (All - 2X 50 oz, All 3X 32 oz) for only $.50 this week! Big Lots has this priced at $2.50 this week. Unfortunately Big Lots does not accept coupons, HOWEVER, just take the Big Lots ad into Walmart or Target and have them price match the ad. Then, you can use the $2/1 coupon (some areas got $3/2 coupons) from RP 1/3 to get this for $.50! I stocked up a while ago when I got them for $.75/ea, so this is a FANTASTIC STEAL of a price! I will definitely be getting mine! This stuff doesn't really ever expire, does it?


  1. That is a great deal! Do you have an extra ad I could "borrow" from you?

  2. Actually, I didn't see a Big Lots ad in my paper (doesn't mean it wasn't there, but I looked through it a dozen times) so I just went and picked one up at Big Lots when I was nearby today. I only got one though...:( Sorry!

  3. I was thinking the same thing:) Glad I asked! I live close enough to Big Lots. Thanks.


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