Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I got a freezer!

If you've been couponing for even just a short time, you know how quickly you outgrow your storage space and freezer space! I was actually fortunate enough that my dad had a chest freezer that he wasn't using so he let us use. It sure holds a lot, but if you've ever had one, then you know what a PAIN it is to try to get to the bottom of a chest freezer! Lol. I would have to go out with my gloves on just to be able to stand the cold long enough to get at what I was trying to reach. It was awful. So, I had been dreaming of the day that we would invest in a big upright freezer. Well, this last Saturday, my hubby just happened to glance through the Best Buy ad and notice that they had ALL freezers 15% off! So, we rushed down there at about 7pm and found one we wanted. It should be delivered on Sunday! YAY! I cannot tell you how stoked I am! Is it sad that I get so excited over an upright freezer? :) Any way, just had to share! I am sure it will be full in a matter of minutes...


  1. How funny that we just talked about this! Yea for you!! I'm still holding out right now.. but will probably break down soon!


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