Monday, January 18, 2010

Just a heads up....

At my local Albertsons (12th & Greenhurst) they have started a new rule of NO using a store coupon and a double coupon. For instance, the Tillamook cheese is regularly $5.99, but there is an in-store coupon making it $3.99. You can then use the $1/2lbs printable HERE to make it $2.99. HOWEVER, in my match-ups and in a lot of the match-ups you'll find on other blogs, you are told to then use a doubler on your $1/2lbs coupon. My Albertsons has changed their policy so that you can no longer combine a store coupon (the coupon making it $3.99) and a doubler. :( I found this out when I was doing my shopping last night.

BUT, this might be a YMMV situation. I'm sure not all cashiers got the same memo and maybe not all stores are enforcing this policy. So, you will just have to try it and see what happens. There were a couple other deals I planned on doing this with that it affected, such as doubling the $1/4 hot pocket coupon (because you need a store coupon to bring the price down from $2.00/ea to $1.59/ea. In this instance, it is cheaper to just use the store coupon and the manufacturer coupon (which would make them $1.34 per box) than it is to use the manufacturer coupon and a doubler (which would make them $1.50 per box)

Also, the Kelloggs cereal deal is affected. I had listed that you could use a doubler and get the boxes for as low as $.69/box. Unfortunately, you cannot use the store coupon (making the boxes $1.59/ea) and the doubler. In this case, it is actually better to use the manufacturer coupon and the doubler, which will allow you to still get them for $.88/box. Not quite a super stock up price, but still a great price.

I have never had problems in the past with combining a store coupon and a doubler, but apparently this is changing at this store. Sorry for any problems you may have encountered! 

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  1. I actually heard about this last time there was an s.c. on kellogs. the cashier did it on one of my transactions, but i forgot to give her the coupon and doubler on my second one.. when i went back in to correct it, they told me the policy had changed.. although.. my cashier would have done it more than likely.. oh well.. i am bummed about it though.. definetly puts a kink in things!


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