Monday, January 18, 2010

Product price comparisons...

Welcome to another edition of Price Comparisons. :) I really like doing these posts because you really get to see what you are truly saving and how cheap you get certain items by using this system. I am going to try to make this a weekly post and am wondering if anyone has a creative name for the post. "Weekly Product Price Comparisons" just sounds...boring. Lol. Any ideas? I am thinking I will start doing these probably on Wednesdays, so it could have "Wednesday" in the title, or just "Weekly." I'm at a blank for a good name. :(

Any way, below are some items priced at Walmart, that we got on sale last week at Albertson's and Walgreens. To see more product price comparisons from last week, click HERE.

Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.56 at Walmart. Use the $1/1 coupon to make these $3.56. At Albertsons they were on sale for $2.99 (already $1.57 cheaper than Walmart)! We got them at Albertson's for just $.99 after using the same $1/1 coupon and a doubler! I bought 5 of these for $4.95. The same five at Walmart would have cost me $17.50, so I saved $12.55 by combining sales and coupons! That's 72%!

Oust Air Santizer (for some reason my picture on my phone is blacked out, not sure why) - $3.84 at Walmart. Use BOGO free coupon to pay $3.84 for two, making them $1.92/ea. At Walgreens these were already priced at BOGO free, so after using the same BOGO free coupon, you actually get TWO for FREE!  I "bought" four of these for FREE, so I saved $7.68 (or 100%) over buying the same four at Walmart.

Yoplait yogurt single serve cups - $.48/ea at Walmart. These were on sale at Albertson's last week for $.40/ea when you bought 20. Also, when you bought 20 you could use two $.75/4 coupons and a $1/8 coupon. You could ALSO use doublers to double the two $.75/4 coupons (the $1/8 was a DND) To buy the same 20 and use the same coupons at Walmart, I would have paid $7.10 or $.36/ea for these. I paid only $.20/ea or $4.00 total by waiting for the sale and combining my coupons and double coupons at Albertson's. So, I saved $3.10.

Betty Crocker fruit snacks - $2.00 at Walmart. Use the $1/2 coupon to get them for $1.50/ea or the $.40/1 coupon to get them for $1.60/ea. At Albertson's they were priced at $1.88/ea. They were also both part of a promo to receive $5 back when you spent $20 (essentially a 25% discount), plus a promo in which when you bought five, you got $3.50 back (essentially a 37% discount) When all was said and done and you used the same coupons listed above and factored in promos, you were paying $1.15 for FIVE boxes of snacks or $.23/ea! I actually bought 10 boxes for $2.30. The same 10 boxes at Walmart would have cost me at minimum $15.00! I saved $12.70 or 85%! PLUS, in addition to all of that, when you completed the promo of "Spend $20, get $5 back" I also received 50 bonus boxtops (a $5.00 value) to give to my son's school! Beat THAT Walmart! :) And, no, my kids don't eat fruit snacks every day. These 10 boxes will get added to the storage of them I have in a bin under my bed. As you can see from my Weekly Menu Plan, HERE, they only have them once this week. Lol.

Sorry, photo's kinda blurry, but the line of Betty Crocker Helpers (hamburger, tuna, chicken) are $1.34/box at Walmart. Use a coupon for $.75/3, which would make them $1.09/box when you buy three. At Albertson's, these were on sale for $1.00 (already a lower price than Walmart), BUT they were also part of the "spend $20, get $5 back promo, which again is like a 25% discount, essentially making them $.75/ea. So I was able to buy 20 boxes, use SIX $.75/3 coupons, plus three doublers (taking off another $2.25) and pay a total of $8.25 for 20 boxes, or $.41//ea! (Plus, I earned another 50 bonus box tops for my son's school) The same 20 at Walmart with the same six $.75/3 coupons over a course of a couple of months would have cost me $21.80. I saved $13.55 or 62%!

I know you're probably thinking...why does she need 20 boxes of Hamburger Helper!? Well, the answer is pretty simple. I now have them in my food storage for whenever I need them. These boxes will last me quite a few months (they don't expire until Nov of this year) so we will use them over the course of that time. No more picking one up at the store for $1.34 every few weeks. I simply purchase them while I can get them at a rock-bottom price ($.41/ea) and will have enough to get me by until the next great sale!

Are you convinced yet of how this system can save you so much money? Just on the items listed above I saved $49.58! And these are just a few of the items I bought to give you an idea. So you can see how all of this savings adds up!

If you're ready to learn how you, too, can save 50%-90% on your grocery bill every month, click HERE! I'll show you how.


  1. ok so i've decided i want to hire you as my personal shopper :) every time i try to start looking at coupons i let something else distract me ... ugh i want your deals!!!! i always read your blogs and think o i'll do that and o i'll do that too and then i forget ... one day i guess ...

  2. This is where I would tell you to start small. Scan the weekly deals I post on my blog and choose a few that appeal to you. Some of my deals only require printable coupons that you don't even need a newspaper for. Some of them only require STORE coupons (which you can get AT the store) and some don't require coupons at all, they're just good buys! Start small. Do a little bit and I bet you will see how addicting it can be once you really start to see your "little" savings adding up!

  3. good advice, I absolutely love these!!.. by far my favorite posts on your blog!!..
    more please... lol

  4. Glad you like them! I have fun doing them. :) Still haven't come up with a name though...

  5. I love it Ali! Good work. We met some of your friends at the coupons class last week. It would be fun to meet you sometime.


  6. You know, for my family, we do this because my husband and sons eat SOOOOO much. Before I started couponing, we had the same grocery budget we have now (I'm thinking of reducing it now because we're getting so completely stockpiled, which is great) but they were always complaining that we didn't have enough food and at the end of the week, our shelves and freezer were BARE. We would be running out of food before I could get back into town. Now we never do, and it's all name-brand stuff, too. They eat as much as their metabolisms seem to require, and I pat myself on the back for doing it while keeping us in budget. Heck, now we even have soda and beer and stuff which we usually couldn't afford before. Plus, we have about a year's worth of our main toiletries stocked up, too, s that in weeks when our budget has to be smaller than usual, I don't have to think, "but if I spend $4 on lotion, I won't be able to get meat!" That used to happen all the time.

    Couponing has really changed our life in a positive way. And it's all thanks to blogs like this one. I actually just came here for the first time today, via Fabulessly Frugal, but I'm bookmarking this. I love this price check series.

  7. What a great comment! Thank you! I really started this more as a way to show off how much I was saving, but it turned into something completely different. Being able to share my experience to help others save their families money really is so rewarding. I really do love this and get excited at the possibilities of how much it could grow! Thank you for sharing and glad to have you as a reader! :) If you aren't already, be sure to become a facebook follower (link in my sidebar) so you never miss a deal! :)


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