Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Entertainment book--40% off!

Have you ever purchased a Entertainment book? I purchased one a few years ago and it totally went to waste. I thought...why would someone spend money on that!? Well, that was LONG before my thrifty coupon ways! If you are someone who will actually USE coupons (which is ME now) then this book will WAY MORE than pay for itself. A lot of times you can make up what you paid for the book after using just a couple of the MANY MANY coupons! Then, the savings really start to add up! A lot of the coupons are for buy one get one free meals and purchases. And it's got coupons for way more than just food! You can find coupons for FREE or discounted admissions to museums and other places. Discounts at salons, hotels, and so much more. They are coupons for places in your local area. Just enter your zip code and see what they have available! These books are regularly $35, but now you can get one for just $21!! That's 40% off! When you go to the site you can preview what you'll find inside and see if it's something you're interested in, but I would definitely recommend getting one, especially at this price! Click the photo above to order yours NOW! This is a coupon users best friend. :)


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