Friday, February 12, 2010

FREE Bluray on your birthday!

Are you a member of Disney Movie Rewards yet? If not, you definitely need to consider it! Especially if you have kiddos around. At Disney Movie Rewards you enter rewards codes from specially marked Disney purchases (movies, cds, you even get points when you send in your ticket stubs from Disney movies!) and get points which you can trade in for great rewards! It really is a great program, especially if you're frequently buying Disney movies. Well, as if the program wasn't great enough already, I found out something about it that I didn't know! I got an email last week telling me that for my birthday (which is Feb. 13th) I got to pick out a FREE Bluray movie! I was able to choose from five titles and all I had to pay was $2.95 in shipping! It came really quickly, too, as I just received it today. 
I just thought this was really awesome and what a GREAT benefit! Go sign up now so you never miss the great rewards from Disney Movie Rewards!


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