Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FREE ticket to Dear John!

If you are wanting to go see Dear John in the theaters this weekend, you may want to consider this deal from Amazon! Right now, when you purchase any one of the ten movies listed HERE you will get a FREE ticket to Dear John! The movies are priced at under $9 (so already less than a movie ticket!) so for less than you would probably pay to go see the movie, you can get a DVD AND a movie ticket! These movies would be great to hold on to for a gift, also! So go HERE and check out the available movies!

Thanks CouponGeek!


  1. have you done this deal?? im curious.. i can't wait to go see this movie, but im wondering if you buy one at a time if you can get more than one movie ticket... what do you think..

  2. Hm….good question! I have not done this deal, so I am not exactly sure how it would work…I would think that as long as you buy them separately, there should be no reason why you wouldn’t get more than one ticket. Well, for that matter, I wouldn’t even think you would have to do them separately to get more than one ticket. But it’s hard to say….


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