Friday, February 5, 2010

Mobile Target Coupons!

Couponing To Disney has alerted us all that you can now get coupons sent to your PHONE! I always wondered when this day would come, and for Target, it's finally here! All you do is sign up for  Target’s Mobile Coupons and you will receive exclusive Target store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons! The cashier just has to scan the bar code on your phone to use the coupon! How cool is that?

When you sign up, the website states that you will receive monthly offers via text message with a link to the barcode to be scanned at the register. (Standard text message and data rates apply.) The same barcode will be used throughout the month for different one-time-only deals. So, you will only get one text per month, not a bunch. We don't yet know if these coupons will be identical to the ones already offered on the Target website available for printing, but even if they are, that's that many more coupons you don't have to use your own ink and paper on! :) That's A+ in my book!

Another bonus, you can also sign up to have the weekly ad sent to your phone, which is kinda neat. You can see more details about this exciting new program HERE.

Thanks Couponing To Disney!


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