Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walgreens trip 2/07


The above items should have cost me $52.60 if I were to walk into the store and buy them when they're not on sale and with no coupons. I paid...$.52. I know, it's just CRAZY! But it's true! Here's how I did it:

Transaction #1:
1 - Huggies jumbo pack - $8.99
1 - Dove Men's body wash - $5.99
1 - Gillette Fusion razor - $8.99
2 - Reese's hearts - $.50 with in-ad coupon
1 - bag Sweethearts candy - $.79 with in-ad coupon

Total: $25.76
I used: $2/1 Huggies here: IE or FF, $1.50/1 Dove men's body wash HERE, $4/1 Gillete Fusion razor (PG 2/7). I also used the Walgreens coloring book code (2035) to knock off another $1/1 for the Huggies. I then paid with a $10 (from the Tostitos deal), $5 (from the Huggies deal), and $2 (from the Vitamin Water lip care deal) RR from last week, to bring my total down to $.26!

Transaction #2:

Repeat above! 

So, when all was said and done I paid $.52 out of pocket for all of those items! Plus, after paying for each transaction, I received a $6 RR for the body wash, $3 RR for the Huggies, and a $4 RR for the razor, so $26 total in RR's to spend, same as cash, on a future purchase at Walgreens! I am able to get my out of pocket down so much by rolling my register rewards each week on new items that will generate register rewards. I use inexpensive items to get my coupon:item ratio even or to get my amount up over the amount of my register reward so that I can use it to pay. For more on Walgreens shopping, check out my Walgreens 101 post to find out why Walgreens is one of my absolute FAVORITE stores!

Oh, and I just had to share that after I was done shopping and scoring this awesome deal on Sunday, I actually came home to find my husband cleaning the house! What a great day it was....:)


  1. I read this on facebook under your husband!! he is awfully proud of his coupon wife!!.. lol. i wish i had a WAGS here.. by far you can score great deals.. and i wish we had a publix.. cuz did you see hip2save!!.. i would love to be able to do that everytime i went shopping..

  2. Yeah, he shows me much love. :) And yes...we, too, need a Publix for SURE!


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