Monday, June 22, 2009

Albertson's Ad Preview...

HERE is the link to see the ad preview for this week's (6/24-6/30) Albertson's ad.

HERE is the link to the preview shopping list! (Keep in mind this is the Utah list, so it might not be completely compatible with Idaho. I will get the Idaho preview list up as soon as it's available.) Thanks PYP!

The "shrink" function does not work on the preview list, so wait until Wednesday to print your list out, or you will wind up printing EVERY item which comes to like 5 or 6 pages+!


  1. woohoo... man i haven't even shopped the exsisting sale yet.. lol. and a new one already.

  2. I think this has been one of my best shopping trips yet. Thanks for the helped a ton!


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